Stage Door Listings

March 2022

ARC presents Gloria by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins at the Streetcar Crowsnest in Toronto from March 1 to March 20.

Photo: Cover of Gloria. © 2017 Nick Hern Books

☞ Entry to theatres in Ontario requires photo ID and proof of double vaccination


Larger Theatres (Professional)

Come From Away (musical) by Irene Sankoff and David Hein. On September 11th, 2001, 38 planes with 6,579 passengers are stranded in Gander, Newfoundland. Opened Feb 13, 2018, reopened Dec 15, 2021, booking into 2022. Royal Alexandra Theatre, 1-800-461-3333, Runtime: 1h40m. ✭✭✭✭✭

Elite Syncopations/After the Rain & two new works (ballets) by Kenneth Macmillan/Christopher Wheeldon/Alysa Pires/Siphesihle November. A quadruple bill of 20th- and 21st-century works. Runs Mar 23 to Mar 27. Four Seasons Centre,

Gianni Schicchi (opera) by Giacomo Puccini. A greedy family gets the trickster Gianni Schicchi to impersonate their rich recently deceased relative. In Italian with English surtitles. Runs Oct 30, 2021, to April 30, 2022. Canadian Opera Company, online

Hamilton (musical) by Lin-Manuel Miranda. An immigrant from the West Indies rises to become George Washington’s right-hand man. Began in Feb, dates TBA. Princess of Wales,

In My Body (dance) by Crazy Smooth. The experience of aging in the street dance community. Runs Mar 17 to Mar 19. Bluma Appel Theatre,

Leopoldstadt (drama) by Tom Stoppard. The fortunes of a Jewish manufacturer and his Catholic wife in Austria from the Annexation through the Holocaust and beyond.  Runs Jan 22 to Mar 13. Princess of Wales Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Requiem (concert) by WA Mozart. This version of Mozart’s masterpiece incorporates interviews with front-line medical workers and community members affected by the pandemic. Runs from Nov 26, 2021, to May 26, 2022. Canadian Opera Company, online

Room (drama) by Emma Donaghue. Kidnapped as a teenager, Ma has been locked inside a room in her captor’s garden for seven years and now has a 5-year-old son.  Runs in Feb 6 to Apr 10. CAA Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

The Sleeping Beauty (ballet) by Rudolf Nureyev to music by Tchaikovsky. A fairy curse a princess and her course to sleep for 100 years. Runs Mar 11 to Mar 20. Four Seasons Centre,

A Streetcar Named Desire (ballet) by John Neumeier. A balletic version of Tennessee Williams’ play. Runs Mar 2 to Mar 6. Four Seasons Centre,

2 Pianos 4 Hands (comedy) by Ted Dykstra & Richard Greenblatt. A story of aspiring talents, piano teachers, lessons and competitions. Runs Mar 19 to May 1. Princess of Wales Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Smaller Theatres (Professional)

The Antipodes (drama) by Annie Baker. A group of people sit around a table telling, cataloging and theorizing stories. Opened Jan 26, runs to Mar 6. Coal Mine Theatre,

Le Club des éphémères (comedy) by Alain Doom. Five residents of a seniors’ home want to speak to a documentary filmmaker about their own lives rather than the topic of shadflies. In French with English surtitles. Runs Mar 30 to Apr 8. Théâtre français de Toronto,

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale (comedy) by Haley McGee. McGee promises to pay off Visa with a yard sale of gifts from her exes. Opened Feb 15, runs to Mar 6. Runs Feb 9 to Feb 27. Soulpepper Theatre Company,

Gloria (comedy) by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. An ambitious group of editorial assistants vie for a starry life of feature articles and book deals. Runs Mar 1 to Mar 20. Streetcar Crowsnest,

Orphan Song (drama) by Sean Morley Dixon. In pre-history a grief-stricken Homo sapiens couple adopts a Neanderthal child. Runs in Mar & Apr, dates TBA. Tarragon Theatre,

Orphans for the Czar (comedy) by George F. Walker. A hapless double agent in Russia tries to stay on the right side of both the revolutionaries and the czarists. Runs Mar 29 to Apr 17. Streetcar Crowsnest,

Other People (drama) by Daniel Brooks. An account of Brooks’s time at a silent retreat following a terminal cancer diagnosis. Runs Mar 20 to Apr 3. Baillie Theatre,

Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers (drama) by Makambe K. Simamba. A 17-year-old Black boy finds himself in the first moments of the afterlife. Runs in Mar & Apr, dates TBA. Tarragon Theatre,

Welcome Back to the Future (revue) by The Second City. Join actual humans in an actual theatre having actual fun as we toast being all together again. Runs Dec 3, 2021, to Mar 1, 2022. Comedy Bar, 2800 Danforth Ave,

Year of the Rat (plays) by Augusto Bitter et al. Four connected monodramas about how the pandemic impacted four different people in the same house. Runs Feb 24 to Mar 5. Factory Theatre, online

You Can’t Get There from Here, Vol. 2 (plays) by Majorie Chan et al. Five new audiodramas offering listeners fresh perspectives on Toronto’s neighbourhoods. Runs from Mar 3. Factory Theatre, online

Smaller Theatres (Student and Community)

Rinaldo (opera) by G.F. Handel. The knight Rinaldo tries to save his beloved Almirena from the Saracen King of Jerusalem and an enticing sorceress. Runs Mar 16 & 18. [student] Royal Conservatory of Music,

The Tender Land (opera) by Aaron Copland. A young woman struggles between loyalty to home and family and the need to make her own way in the world. In English with English surtitles. Runs Mar 17 to Mar 20. [student] MacMillan Theatre, University of Toronto,


The Mush Hole (dance) by Santee Smith. An examination of life in Canada's first Indian residential school, The Mohawk Institute. Runs Mar 30 only. Sanderson Centre,

No Woman's Land (dance) by Roshanak Jaberi. An examination of the plight and resistance of women in refugee camps. Runs Mar 10 only. Sanderson Centre,


The Sugarmakers (opera) by Arthur Sullivan & WS Gilbert. The G&S operetta The Gondoliers set in Canada. Runs from Mar 19. Fuse, online


Made in Italy (comedy) by Farren Timoteo. A second-generation Italian teen comes of age in 1970s Jasper, Alberta. Runs Feb 23 to Mar 12. Theatre Aquarius,

Pat & Skee (comedy) by Sky Gilbert. Gilbert plays himself in this play about his parents’ divorce when he was young. Runs Feb 25 to Mar 12. Theatre Aquarius,


Grow (musical) by Colleen Dauncey & Akiva Romer-Segal. Twin Mennonite sisters go on Rumspringa to explore the modern world. Previews from Mar 29, opens Apr 1, runs to Apr 20. Grand Theatre,


Fefu and Her Friends (drama) by María Irene Fornés. Fefu and her seven female friends rehearse presentation for a charity benefit.  Runs Feb 17 to Mar 6. [student] Theatre Erindale, online

A Servant of Two Masters (comedy) by Carlo Goldoni. Truffaldino tries to double his income by working for two master at the same time. Runs Mar 17 to Mar 27. [student] Theatre Erindale, online


Wild Magic (magic) by Greg Frewin. Frewin performs stunning large-scale illusions including one with a white Siberian tiger. Runs July 16, 2021, booking to Sep 12, 2022. Greg Frewin Theatre, 905-356-0777,



The plays run in repertory from Feb 9-Dec 23 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, two hours south from Toronto. For tickets and information phone 1-800-511-7429 or visit the website at

At the Royal George Theatre

Cyrano de Bergerac (drama) by Edmond Rostand. A swordsman and poet with a large nose helps a handsome young man woo the woman he secretly loves. Previews from Mar 20, opens Mar 26, runs to May 8.


Clockwork Mysteries (magic) by Ted Outerbridge. The largest and most successful touring illusion show in Canada. Runs Mar 25 only. Capitol Centre,


Anne of Green Gables (comedy) by Peter DeLaurier. A stage adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved novel. Runs Mar 11 to Mar 19. [student] Kailash Mital Theatre,

Beauty and the Beast (opera) by André Grétry. A children’s opera based on the famous fairy tale. Runs Mar 26 only. Shenkman Arts Centre,

Black and Blue Matters (musical) by Omari Newton. Two sides face off in a deconstructed jury trial that takes the form of a rap battle. Runs Mar 15 to Mar 26. National Arts Centre,

Cats (musical) by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The cats described by T.S. Eliot meet for a celebration. Runs Mar 14 to Mar 16. National Arts Centre,

Cutlass Spring (dance) by Dana Michel. Michel explores her own personal history and the impulses hidden within it. Runs Mar 10 to Mar 12. La Nouvelle Scène,

Les dix commandements de Dorothy Dix (drama) by Stéphanie Jasmin. The memory of a woman whose life spanned the entire 20th century. In French. Runs Mar 9 to Mar 12. National Arts Centre,

Dog Rising (dance) by Clara Furey. Three celestial bodies launched into orbit vibrate in a lustful and hypnotic ritual. Runs Mar 17 to Mar 19. La Nouvelle Scène,

The Guitrys (comedy) by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt. The play that Sacha Guitry ought to have written about his life with Yvonne Printemps. In French. Runs Mar 16 to Apr 10. Théâtre de l'Île, Gatineau,

Heartlines (drama) by Sarah Waisvisz. The lives of two secretly Jewish, lesbian life partners active in the French Resistance during World War II. Runs Mar 22 to Apr 3. Great Canadian Theatre Company,

Hermanitas (children) by Isabelle Payant. The story in puppetry of two twin girls – one white, one brown. For ages 2½ to 5. Runs Mar 25 to Mar 27. La Nouvelle Scène,

Ladies Night - Last Call (comedy) by Anthony McCarten & Stephen Sinclair. A Québécois adaptation of the play The Full Monty. Runs Mar 13 to Mar 14. Salle Odyssée, Gatineau,

Laitue matinale (comedy) by Lionel Lehouillier & Dillon Orr. Two rival and brotherly friends face gender identity and the French language. In French. Runs Mar 1 to Mar 5. La Nouvelle Scène,

Rather a Ditch (dance) by Clara Furey. Several “existential dance experiments” explore the porosity between life and death. Runs Mar 17 to Mar 19. La Nouvelle Scène,

The Runner (drama) by Christopher Morris. A Jewish volunteer decides to treat a young woman rather than the soldier she may have killed. Runs Feb 24 to Mar 6. Great Canadian Theatre Company,

Trois soeurs (drama) by Anton Chekhov. Three sisters feel that their lives are stifled by living in the country. In French. Runs Mar 11 to Mar 12. Salle Odyssée, Gatineau,

Violence (drama) by Marie Brassard. An ode to the gravity and beauty of children’s imagination and an exploration of catastrophe and the power of art. In French. Runs Mar 3 to Mar 5. National Arts Centre,


BOOM (performance) by Rick Miller. Miller plays over 100 politicians, activists and musicians from the years 1945-1969. Runs Mar 10 to Mar 20. Capitol Theatre,


The Mush Hole (dance) by Santee Smith. An examination of life in Canada’s first Indian residential school, The Mohawk Institute. Runs Mar 22 only. FirstOntario PAC,

No Woman’s Land (dance) by Roshanak Jaberi. An examination of the plight and resistance of women in refugee camps. Runs Mar 11 & 12. FirstOntario PAC,


Manman la mer (comedy) by Djennie Laguerre. An exploration of Haitian spirituality and mother-daughter relations. In French. Runs Mar 17 to Mar 19. Le Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario,

Ti-jean de partout (children) by Marie-Thé Morin. Morin tells stories about Ti-jean, a character of traditional French-Canadian folklore. In French. Runs Saturdays, Nov 1, 2021, to Mar 12, 2022. Le Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario,


Smarty Pants (comedy) by Shelley Hoffman & Stephen Sparks. A man has invented wearable tech – smart underwear that can control your home. Runs Mar 10 to Mar 26. Magnus Theatre,


No Woman’s Land (dance) by Roshanak Jaberi. An examination of the plight and resistance of women in refugee camps.

• Mar 9-10: Market Hall Theatre, Peterborough

• Mar 11-12: FirstOntario PAC, St. Catharines

• Mar 14-16: Harbourfront Centre Theatre, Toronto

Shen Yun 2022 (dance).  A celebration of 5000 years of Chinese culture before Communism.

• Mar 18-20: National Arts Centre, Ottawa

• Mar 22-23: FirstOntario Concert Hall, Hamilton

• Mar 25-29: Living Arts Centre, Mississauga