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Toronto: Tapestry Opera presents “TAP:EX Augmented Opera” November 20-23

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What if you could live forever inside your favourite memories?Dear Chris,TAP:EX returns November 20th!

TAP:EX Augmented Opera explores a macabre take on a Silicon Valley product launch. The audience is invited as the first guests to learn about Elyisum, a new cloud-based technology that reimagines the afterlife as a perfect curation of your best memories.  

Tapestry Opera’s experimental series TAP:EX pushes the boundaries and intersections of opera, combining genres such as punk rock, film, Persian classical music, physical theatre, turntablism and hip hop. TAP:EX Augmented Opera, the fifth installment, delves into the world of mixed reality and how memory changes over time, challenging our understanding of what is real.

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Combining elements of analog and digital technology, this production embraces the broader idea of augmentation, one that pairs digital technologies as complements to an analog experience. Conceived by Tapestry Opera’s Artistic Director Michael Hidetoshi Mori, composer Benton Roark, and director Debi Wong, TAP:EX Augmented Opera is built on the ways we experience memories: how they are triggered through different senses, how they haunt us, and how they change over lifetimes.

Hosted at the dynamic venue of Sidewalk Labs’ experimental workspace on the Waterfront, audiences are invited to come early and explore Sidewalk’s bold new urban technologies as well as an early prototype of OrpheusVR, a virtual reality opera in development with re:Naissance Opera (Vancouver).