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Kingston: Theatre Kingston brings two great shows to The Tett this spring

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Theatre Kingston is proud to present two special theatrical events this Spring.

The Knitting Pilgrim, Show and/or Workshoppe

Date(s) Friday, May 17th 1-4pm | 8pm Location Rehearsal Hall

PresenterTheatre Kingston & Kirk Dunn

Kingston - Born knitter Kirk Dunn leads and afternoon workshop creating the Loyalist Township-inspired pillow pattern in locally produced Topsy Farms yarns. The workshop is from 1 - 4 pm. The Tickets are $30 plus a $10 Topsy Yarns kit fee for pin-cushion or bring your own stash.

May 17th at 8pm, Kirk will be showing his masterwork, Stitched Glass, and performing his one-man play THE KNITTING PILGRIM in the Rehearsal Hall, 2nd Floor. 

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An international textile exhibition, one-hour theatrical play and talkback tour about knitting together the Abrahamic faiths. 

Kirk Dunn has been knitting Stitched Glass, his textile installation of 3 hand-knit tapestries, each 5 ft by 8 ft in size, exploring the commonalities and differences of the Abrahamic faiths, for 15 years. Starting in May of 2019, Ergo Arts Theatre will tour the textile exhibition alongside a one-hour theatrical play called The Knitting Pilgrim, performed by Kirk, animating the exhibition. The evening of exhibition and play can also feature a panel discussion about the issues of interfaith understanding, compassion and empathy. 


The Knitting Pilgrim is a one-act interdisciplinary performance using theatre, image projection and the remarkable Stitched Glass tapestries which explore the commonalities and conflicts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The play, performed by Kirk Dunn, recounts his fifteen-year artistic and spiritual journey of hand-knitting the ambitious project, and his hope to contribute to the vital conversation about xenophobia, interfaith strife and fear of the other.

2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures!

Date(s) Sunday, 9 June 2019, 7:00 PM 

Location Rehearsal Hall

2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures!

After a 1000 seat sold-out run at the Edmonton Fringe, the “wonderful” (Edmonton), and“charming” (Winnipeg) 2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures comes to KINGSTON! Adapted “with skill and humour” from two of Conan Doyle’s favourite stories, are performed, with rapid character changes, split-second timing, and a loving familiarity by “seasoned professionals” John D. Huston, (A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickons) and Kenneth Brown, writer/performer of the world touring hit solo show, “Life After Hockey”.

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