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Kitchener: “Outside Mulligar” running May 1-4 will be Lost & Found Theatre’s last ever fully-staged production

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Outside Mullingar will wrap 15 years of fully staged productions

Over the last few years, Lost & Found Theatre has experienced attrition in the company because of life changes each of us has going on, including demanding jobs (the kind that pay the bills!), little children, and aging family members to name a few. It has become all too clear that we can’t sustain even our current level of activity beyond this season.

Sadly, our May production of Outside Mullingar will be our last fully staged production. It’s particularly fitting that Mike Peng will be appearing onstage with us for this “swan song”. The good news is, we plan to continue offering staged readings and collaborating with other groups on special projects, like the Irish Real Life Festival, and the partnership with the Registry Theatre to present readings by regional women writers for International Women’s Day. We’ll be looking for new ways to create theatre that don’t demand the re-sources a full production does. So while we are not completely disappearing, we will be less visible and active going forward.

Please do join us at a performance of this show. As we have always said, going back to our days with Theatre&Co, “Without you, it isn’t theatre.”

It’s been a wonderful ride. Thanks for being part of our story.

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