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Toronto: inDANCE and Vancouver’s Co.ERASGA present “Undivided Colours” My 29-June 1

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Respected Canadian-Asian dance artists Peter Chin, Hari Krishnan, William Lau and Alvin Tolentino present the world premiere of "Undivided Colours"- a mixed bill of four striking solos inspired by the artists lived experiences from Canada, China, Cambodia, India, Singapore and the Philippines.

The spirit of Dance, Diversity, and Gender is celebrated in Undivided Colours, a gathering of performances, ideas and conversations by acclaimed Asian-Canadian dance artists featuring, William Lau from Ottawa, Peter Chin and Hari Krishnan from Toronto, and Vancouver's Alvin Erasga Tolentino. Gathering this group of artists to perform on the same stage for the first time across Canada, each will share his talents and in dialogue about each respective dance practices. 

More than the brilliant artistry of all three dance artists whose work I admire, I am excited to dance with them because we are all four gay men of colour who live our truth and bring multiple perspectives to our work. We continue to find contemporary currency for Asian-inspired dance to thrive and be relevant in Canada,” says Hari Krishnan, artistic director of inDANCE.

The rich dance heritages and originality of their diverse works sparks Undivided Colours where dance and choreography defy identity and contemporary voices in Asian-Canadian diaspora. Highlights of this extraordinary project are the artistic dance mastery of mixed cultures rooted from the traditions of Canada’s William Lau in the Chinese Peking Opera; Hari Krishnan in his progressive and queer re imagining of India’s Bharatanatyam and his South East Asian heritage; Peter Chin in his reflection of Cambodia’s culture; and Alvin Erasga Tolentino’s inspiration through his Filipino heritage.

The four solos in Undivided Colours are mirror reflections of our life's work integrating the past, present and future based on years of study, research, lived life experiences and living as out/loud/proud Asian-Canadians. My hope is for the audiences to experience this special friendship and ways in which art can transcend race, ethnicity and language. Undivided Colours is a testimony of our continued politics and aesthetics redefining Canadian dance from more generous, compassionate and humane terms. Given the extremist dangerously volatile world we currently inhabit, my hope is that Undivided Colours not only showcases the joy of dance but how dance continues to be a beautiful bridge for the world to connect with each other.”

inDance presents Undivided Colours
Lighting Design: Jessica Han
Stage Management: Yasuhiro Okada

Female Warrior Wu – Preparing for Combat 
Performance: William Lau
Music recorded by the Jiangsu Province Peking Opera Company

Choreography/Performance: Alvin Erasga Tolentino
Original Score: Emmanuel Mailly (Agglomerat)

Compound Around
Choreography, Music and Performance: Peter Chin

The Frog Princess (2009, 2019 redux)
Choreography/Performance: Hari Krishnan
Music/Text/Concept: C. R. Acharyalu
Costume Design: Rex (Rajavairan Rajendran)
Research/Translations: Davesh Soneji
Rehearsal Direction: Patricia Beaman

9 Trinity St, Studio #313, Toronto ON
Media Night: May 29th, 2019
May 29-June 1
Tickets: $35 available online
Visit inDance for more details.