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Toronto: Music, theatre, dance and visual art combine in “Din of Shadows” on May 3

Monday, April 1, 2019

In the final Emergents event of the season, experimental music theatre group Din of Shadows presents their newest project, Material Mythology, which speculates about the hidden meanings and mythologies behind everyday actions, objects, and spaces. Assembling a team of performers, composers, dancers, and visual artists, Din of Shadows uses the idea of a ‘modern mythology’ as a starting point for the creation of new, interdisciplinary works.

Founded in 2017 by composer/performer Quinn Jacobs, Din of Shadows is a Toronto-based company focused on works that explore both auditory and visual modes of expression. Together, they are a collection of artists with backgrounds in music, dance, and theatre, dedicated to the development and production of genre-bending works by Canadian creators.

Here, artists from Din of Shadows will combine experimental theatre, dance, visual art and composition. With new pieces by Julia Mermelstein, Quinn Jacobs, Domenic Jarlkaganova, Angela Blumberg and Ming-Bo Lam, new dance/theatre interpretations of music by Ann Southam, and John Cage, and visual artwork by Alesha Aquino, Jennifer Ramses, and Amy Jefferys, Din of Shadows aims to create a meeting-place for artistic communities—and explore new ideas in collaborative performance.

SET 1:

SOUTHAM, Ann/LAM, Ming-Bo - by Ann Southam, arrangement by Taktus - Glass Houses No. 11 (1981), Rivers No. 1 (1979), Glass Houses No. 15 (1981)
BLUMBERG, Angela/JARLKAGANOVA, Domenic - Last Song

SET 2:

JACOBS, Quinn - Outside Inside
CAGE, John - Living Room Music
JACOBS, Quinn - Visions II
MERMELSTEIN, Julia - out of grains, within clouds (choreographed by Angela Blumberg)

Featuring visual artwork by Alesha Aquino, Jennifer Ramses and Amy Jefferys.

The Music Gallery presents
Emergents IV: Din of Shadows – Material Mythology
part of the Emergents Series
Curated by Sara Constant
Saturday May 3 2019
Doors: 7:30PM | Concert: 8PM
The Music Gallery, 918 Bathurst St.

$12 Regular/$8 Members/$12 Advance at

Photo: Quinn Jacobs.