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Toronto: “Remembering the Winnipeg General” runs June 26-July 6

Monday, May 20, 2019

On May 15th, 1919, over half of Winnipeg’s workers walked off the job. What began as a dispute between construction workers and their bosses bloomed into a full scale insurrection. For six weeks the workers of the city fought for better conditions, better wages, and better lives. Worried that a revolutionary spirit might catch fire, the government broke the strike with a combination of violence, murder and illegal arrests.

Written by Thomas McKechnie (4½ (ig)noble truths, Soulpepper Playwright Unit) Remembering the Winnipeg General uses the style of Brechtian vaudeville to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the strike and the courageous uprising of the working class, especially examining the roles of immigrants and women. Performed by Heather Marie Annis (Morro and Jasp) and Ximena Huizi (Four Sisters) the show is an over-the-top celebration that uses humour, music and direct address to highlight the fight of the human spirit against the oppression of capitalism. Hot cabbage rolls served nightly!

Playwright Thomas McKechnie is also a lead organizer on the campaign to unionize Foodora couriers with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. A paradigm shifting fight to change the gig economy.

Remembering the Winnipeg General

Director: Erin Brandenburg

Performers:  Heather Marie Annis and Ximena Huizi

Writer: Thomas McKechnie

Designer: TRIGA Shannon Lee Doyle

Musician/composer: Kristine Schmitt

June 26th-July 6th.

Wednesday-Saturday at 8:00 pm

Owl's Club 847 Dovercourt Rd. (Dovercourt and Bloor)

Owl’s club is unfortunately a non-accessible space.

Tickets: $5-$25-$40.

Photo: Heather Marie Annis and Ximena Huizi.