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Orangeville: Shows revealed for North (519) Best of Fringe in Orangeville

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tickets for NORTH (519) are $15 each, or both shows for $25! NOTE: Orangeville Curling Club is open to ages 14+ and is also a licensed venue, Revival 1863 must be 19+

An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns

Friday July 19 at 9pm at Orangeville Curling Club Saturday July 20 at 7pm & 11pm at Revival 1863“Life is a bitchload of contradictions."... "I won’t say you’re right.”... “Oh.” Four lifelong 30-something friends, each with very different takes on how to lead the best life, are locked in a strange escape room. There’s the sensible nine-to-fiver, the nonstop partier, the ambitious artiste and the peacekeeper with a potentially life-changing secret. Despite their one-of-a-kind love for one another, they can't seem to stop holding each other back. But if they can just 4-7-8 and put their longstanding beefs aside to solve the riddles, they might just break free. Written and directed by award-winning screenwriter Lauren Greenwood.

The Commandment

Friday July 19 at 7:30pm at Orangeville Curling Club Saturday July 20 at 5:30pm & 9:30pm at Revival 1863Thomas is using a public restroom. He is surprised when God starts talking to him from the next stall and tells him that he has been selected to deliver a new commandment to mankind. There’s one big problem, though: Thomas is an atheist. His belief structure shattered, Thomas embarks on a journey he never wanted as he tries to deal with his new life as reluctant prophet. Today, Thomas is crashing an open mic night to tell his story. The Commandment is a solo dramatic comedy about loss, love and the pitfalls of visiting the john in the presence of the almighty.

Disclaimer for The Commandment: While The Commandment deals with difficult subject matter including blasphemy, suicide, mental illness and homelessness, it is ultimately a comedic story of hope. It is unlike anything you would normally see on our stage and for that very reason, we encourage you to come and see it for yourself. Told by an incredibly passionate and engaging performer, the story brings you on a journey of overcoming profound challenges. You may want to bring a tissue – but you’re also in for a good laugh and a lasting feeling of hope before the house is up!



Best of Toronto Kidsfest - Family Fun!!!

Tickets for Kidsfest are just $5 each (regardless of ages)!

Dungee the Dragon and the Just-Okay Juggler

Sunday July 21 at 11am at Jungle OasisStories by Dan takes you (with artistic license!) back to the Middle Ages where the Kingdom of Awesome is under attack by a sassy non-fire-breathing dragon! The King calls on the Great Knights to save the day, but somehow the job falls on a lonely juggler who must learn to handle three swords (at the same time!) to defeat the dragon. With lighthearted humour, a dragon puppet with attitude, and a knife juggling act, this original story will bring laughter and fun to all!

Inky the Octopus Takes Over the World

Sunday July 21 at 2pm at Jungle OasisDive – without getting wet – into the world of Inky, an adorably shy red octopus! Through interactive storytelling and puppeteering, Dan takes kids on Inky’s journey along the ocean floor, all the way from Alaska to Ontario. Surprises and hijinks abound as Inky overcomes his fears, and meets new friends.

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Photo: Phil Rickaby in The Commandment.