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Kingston: Theatre Kingston announces its 2019/20 season

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Theatre Kingston has announced its 2019/20 season:


October 23-27 at the Baby Grand Theatre

This beautiful odyssey erupts with heightened, illusory and playful language, as it follows Willow, a 10-year-old girl, as she gracefully weaves from one unique story to the next in search of her truest self. 

Nine blazing hot works written and performed by new Canadian dramatists guided by Kingston’s own Judith Thompson, have been woven into one spectacular play. Each playwright brings their own gate-crashing ideas and compelling characters who have never been seen on our stages until now.

Join the riveting performers Bilal Baig, Nikoletta Erdelyi, Radha S. Menon, Grace Thompson, Maddie Bautista, Samson Brown and Carolyn Hetherington as they dive fearlessly into their particular Underworld. What each piece has is the joyous discovery of a unique self, whether it be gender fluid, queer, proudly disabled and Roma, non-human, wounded, or an elder; in the face of social oppression they are unafraid to roar: This is Me. I am Here. Deal with It.

HAPPY DAYS by Samuel Beckett

November 1-9 at the Baby Grand Theatre

In the Baby Grand Theatre from Nov 1sttill Nov 9thwe will find Theatre Kingston’s Artistic Director buried up to her waist in sand. It is Samuel Beckett’s world of Happy Days and Rosemary Doyle will be playing the iconic role of Winnie, a perpetually optimistic force in a garden of the abyss. Happy Days reunites Theatre Kingston’s former Artistic Director Craig Walker and current Artistic Director Rosemary Doyle, who last worked together in Theatre Kingston’s 2001 production of Finnegan’s Wake, based on another brilliant Irish writer, James Joyce. Richard Sheridan Willis, Artistic Director of the St. Lawrence Shakespeare company rounds out this accomplished cast. 

Award winning set and costume designer Andrea Robertson, with the help of Adair Redish’s transformative lighting design will be turn the Baby Grand into the dystopian world of Beckett’s imagination.


 January 23-February 9 at the Baby Grand Theatre

From January 23 – Feb 9 2020 Theatre Kingston will bring you into the world of Jim Garrard’s Peggy’s Song. When Peggy’s devoted husband dies in a plane crash and he isn’t where he is supposed to be, or who he is supposed to be with, this causes her to rethink her entire 30 year marriage. She thought they were happy, were they?

Television stars, Lisa Howard and Conrad Dunn, are coming to Kingston from Los Angeles to present Jim Garrard’s gripping mystery. Lisa Howard was born and raised in Kingston and started her illustrious career here. Recently In Los Angeles they presented  Peggy’s Song to critical acclaim, and so are eager to revisit the script under Rosemary Doyle’s redirection and having Jim Garrard present to rework the script, breathing new life into his very popular play.


March 14-17 at the Tett Centre

In time for St. Patrick’s day, Carolyn Hetherington will be performing a public reading of an Irish memory play called EEN directed by Liam Karry at the Tett Centre March 14 – 17. EEN is a memory play written by Rosemary Doyle. It follows the journey of a college age girl to Ireland to meet her maternal grandmother for the first time. During the play we learn of the secrets of four generations of this family and the reasons that their lives have gone the way they have. 7:30 pm at the Rehearsal Hall at The Tett Centre.


April 2020 at the Tett Centre

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