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Toronto: Allison Ballard debuts her show “I Am The One Who” on October 12

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Independent performance artist Allison Ballard debuts her new one-woman show, I Am the One Who, Saturday, Oct 12, 2019, 7 p.m., at the Red Sandcastle Theatre, 922 Queen St E, Toronto. 

It’s a story of your average Midwestern American mom raising kids, paying bills and trying to manage a life that barely works. She opens the trap door to her forgotten childhood trauma and meets the parts of herself that helped her survive. As she becomes whole, she remembers the soul promise she made to anchor light in this lifetime, where some humans just really suck. Challenged by trauma recovery, she wants to unpromise her promise and give up on this whole “holding the light to help humanity” bullshit. But the transformative powers of love, anger, forgiveness, humour, a good therapist and empty whiskey barrels, empowers her to shine like the Sun Goddess and fulfill her promise. For more info, including excerpts from the show, go to Allison’s blog page at

The performance includes sensitive material and has a 2-hour run time with a 15-minute intermission. It is not appropriate for children. 

I Am The One Who 

written & performed by Allison Ballard
Story Consultant: Anne Marie Scheffler (Suddenly Mommy, MILF Life Crisis)

Featuring internationally renowned taiko drummer Tiffany Tamaribuchi
 and cellist Tammy Silowsky. 

Saturday, October 12th, 7pm
The Red Sandcastle Theatre, 922 Queen Street E. Toronto

Tickets: PWYC- $15 at door or online: 

BIO: Allison Ballard is a multi-media performance artist and taiko drummer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she works as an independent contractor writing, performing taiko, teaching movement and rhythm classes, and directing a performing arts program for people with special needs.