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Toronto: Soundtrack "Alegría – In A New Light" available now for dowloading and streaming

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Cirque du Soleil has officially released the album Alegría – In A New Light, which is the soundtrack from the Big Top revival of its most iconic production. Produced and arranged by Jean-Phi Goncalves, Alegría – In A New Light revisits the stage production’s memorable melodies, like “Alegría” and “Vai Vedrai”, through today’s creative lens. The album will be available online August 9, 2019, on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital download and streaming providers.

In A New Light

A production destined to change the history of the company, Cirque du Soleil first presented Alegría in April 1994, launching an emblematic show that was to win over more than 14 million spectators in 255 cities in 19 years of touring through the end of 2013. Composed by René Dupéré, the Alegría soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1995 and is the best-selling Cirque du Soleil album to date with timeless songs that have touched generations of spectators. “Alegría”, the show’s theme songcontinues to be a fan favourite and is the most listened-to Cirque du Soleil song on streaming platforms.

For the stage revival of Alegría, Musical Director and Arranger Jean-Phi Goncalves revisited Dupéré’s legendary melodies to adapt them to the renewed acrobatics and visual universe of the show, and to ensure that each song sounds as inspiring and exciting today as at the time of the show’s creation in 1994. Bringing together the talent of the LIVE production’s musicians and singers, Alegría – In A New Light gives a second life to some of Cirque du Soleil’s most iconic melodies in a delightfully-unexpected way.

For more information about Alegría – In A New Light, visit

Alegría under the Big Top in Toronto

In light of its 25th anniversary, Cirque du Soleil is revisiting its legendary Alegría through today’s lens—including new costumes and set design, a renewed acrobatic vocabulary and new musical arrangements. With its signature songs, stunning acrobatics, memorable characters and enchanting artistry that have helped define the Cirque du Soleil aesthetic, Alegría is the reincarnation of a classic, reinterpreted for the age, and rekindled to inspire fans—old and new alike.

Alegría will be performing under the Big Top at Ontario Place in Toronto from September 12th– December 1st, 2019. For more information about Alegría, visit

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