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Toronto: The mentalism duo Beyond Mental Borders performs its show “Connection” in a monthly residency at The Rec Room

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beyond Mental Borders are the highly praised Toronto-based mentalism team of Alexandra Brynn and Armand Antony. Stepping away from the traditional world of magic, the duo create a world in which surprise and awe are the norm, where sleight of mind dominates over sleight of hand. Beyond Mental Borders avoid flashy illusions and stage gimmicks, instead focusing on their true skillset: connecting your mind to theirs. 

Recently named "one of Toronto's most popular mind-reading duos" (BlogTO) and dubbed "the hottest act in the city" and "a must see show!" by fellow Canadian magicians, Beyond Mental Borders are one of Canada's top mentalism acts, delivering a show that will leave you speechless.

Performing sold out shows at some of the city's top venues, creating corporate customized appearances for top Canadian companies, and baffling viewers at home with live stunts on national TV have quickly made Beyond Mental Borders the act to watch in the Canadian entertainment landscape.

Our feature show, Connection, brings the art of mentalism to the stage in the biggest of ways for audiences of any size. Whether you're hosting a small and private party, setting up a large celebration or event, or looking for a stage act steps outside the box, Connection offers it all, served with a side of jaw dropping awe.

“Oohs" and "aahs", and shouts of "how did that just happen?!" are guaranteed to take place at our featured monthly magic series.

Join us as we perform our feature stage show, Connection Sundays every month in residency at The Rec Room joined by some of the best magicians we know.

This night of magic and mentalism is certain to take your breath away.

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Photo: Alexandra Brynn and Armand Antony.