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Hamilton: See Rod Beattie in “Wingfield’s Progress” this weekend at Theatre Aquarius

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Welcome home to Persephone Township as a true Legend of Canadian Theatre returns to the stage at Theatre Aquarius!

Walt Wingfield is back, and so is the entire gang from Persephone Township with the second installment of the beloved Wingfield series.

In the second season of the farm Walt faces another challenge as the spectre of urban development looms over the Seventh Concession. Walt sounds the alarm, but can he mobilize the neighbourhood to save Larkspur’s rustic splendour? Wingfield’s Progress brings Walt and all of your favourite Larkspur residents back at their hilarious best in this sequel to Dan Needles’ Letter From Wingfield Farm.

Wingfield’s Progress

by Dan Needles

Starring Rod Beattie

Directed by Douglas Beattie

A Special Fundraiser for Theatre Aquarius – Two Nights Only! (January 10 & 11)

Tickets are on sale NOW! Call the box office at 905.522.7529 or visit

 Photo: Rod Beattie as Walt Wingfield.