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Toronto: Common Boots Theatre introduces the “Blind Imaginings” podcast

Friday, January 17, 2020

In April 2019, Alex Bulmer launched “Blind Imaginings”. This three-day workshop brought blind and sighted artists from diverse performance disciplines together to de-centre vision from theatre and imagine beyond seeing. Participants included playwrights Natasha Greenblatt and Yolanda Bonnell, who took their Blind Imagining skills straight to The Election. They crafted a text with descriptive storytelling, which made our production accessible for blind and sighted audiences together.

Now as episode one of the Blind Imaginings Podcast, join us for our exploration of decentralizing sight within a creative process. This groundbreaking work is the first of its kind, and announces a new era in imaginative theatre creation.

The Core Team

Alex Bulmer (Project Director)

Jessica Watkin (Project Co-Director)

Tristan Whiston (Project Co-Director)

Michael Achtman (Project Co-Director)

Allison Cummings (Project Administrator and Access Support)

Listen here.