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Kingston: The first-ever Shortwave Theatre Festival, November 1-7, features original radio plays and more

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Shortwave Theatre Festival

(www.shortwavetheatre.comfeatures a series of original shows from a company of Kingston-affiliated playwrights,  directors, sound designers, and actors. 

Sound Castle by Sarah Emtage

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it where does the sound go? In the Sound Castle every unheard sound is stored away in boxes safely kept in silence until two intruders break in to listen. Magellan is the daughter of explorers and intends to make some discoveries of her own for scientific and personal reasons. Gadget is Magellan’s cousin and has lived all his life in the shadow of the Sound Castle, but never ventured very far in until now. You are invited to listen in as they broadcast their journey into the enigmatic and near-endless underground archive.

Sound Castle is written by Sarah Emtage, directed by Becky Bridger, stars Francesca Pang and Douglas Connors, and is sound designed by Jeremy Kerr, with Matt Rogalsky.

A Strong Girl by Rysia Andrade

When bones are discovered just underfoot along Princess St., we are reminded that Kingston’s tragedies and ghosts are always more complex (and more gay) than they seem. A Strong Girl hears from Margie, your classic Victorian baby-gay, as she deals with love, sex, anxiety and laundry. We join Margie in her brief but intense romance with the alluring military wife down the street before she, like all women in the 19th century, plays her part in cementing Kingston’s reputation as a tragic and haunted place.

A Strong Girl is written by Rysia Andrade, directed by Maddy Scovil, stars Tracey Guptill and Sophie Vollick, with Jamie Maitland, Helen Von Bretzke, and Vicki Hargreaves, and sound designed by Ensor Morarty. A Strong Girl features music by Haley Sarfeld and  Rogan Gowan. 

The Revolution Has Failed by RJ Downes

2025, 4 years since Montreal was bombed & destroyed. Canada has changed dramatically. The freedoms & liberties we once held are gone. In their place, the dictums & commands of The Righteous Regime. While most Canadians keep their heads low & say little about their new leaders, one middle class couple, deeply affected by the loss of their son, make a plan to make a strike. On the eve of their planned revolution, things begin to fall apart.  The Revolution Has Failed is a look ahead to a very possible reality, if we continue to head down the path we are currently on. Apathy & ignorance are defining our destiny & its only a matter of time before we reap the future we sow.

The Revolution Has Failed is written by RJ Downes, directed by Liam Bidmead, stars Jamie Maitland, Maddy Scovil, Helen Von Bretzke, Vicki Hargreaves with Bruce Kaufman, Tracey Guptill, and Francesca Pang and sound designed by Ali Dixon with music by Liam Bidmead. 

The Philip & Lucinda Radio Show 

by the Grand Salto TheatreThe Philip & Lucinda Radio Show is a sketch comedy broadcast with an old-timeyfeel that the whole family can enjoy. Described as "Marconi meets the Muppet Show" your ears will be treated to The Gingembre Jamboree, Fransisco Foley's Flea Circus, a very special appearance from Kingston local legend BARRY YUEN and more!!! If brain tickling word play, delightful dad jokes and wise cracking witticisms are what you need to turn your 2020 around be sure to tune into The Philip & Lucinda Radio Show.  

The Philip & Lucinda Radio show is written and starring Myque Franz and Zita Nyarady, directed by Anthony Mann and sound designed by John Sanfilippo. 

Talk to Me by Cellar Door Project

Eccentric talk-radio jockeys, Pots and Mickey are doling out more steamy relationship advice via their call-in show on CFRC. Equal parts funny and sexy, Talk to Me is Cellar Door Project’s acclaimed play celebrating the inescapable frustrations of looking for love that the CBC called a “timely throwback” (Leah Collins, CBC Arts). Talk to Me is the only sex and dating advice show that takes...a'yah calls. 

Talk to Me is written by Sean Meldrum, directed by Wallis Caldoza and stars Mariah Horner and Sean Meldrum. The first iteration of the ASL and radio-drama versions of Talk to Me were supported by SpiderWebShow Performance, and presented as alphas at FOLDA 2020.

Children of Thomas 

by Blue Canoe Productions A ghastly disappearance, a series of haunting lights, and an amateur investigator with a secret past. Welcome to a muggy night in the summer of ‘58 as the world is on the brink of a discovery that will forever alter the trajectory of the human species. Searching for her estranged mother Darcey, Jane meets Zoey and together they seek to find the truth behind Darcey’s interest in the extra-terrestrial while avoiding the authorities. Along the way, the pair follow the advice of a mysterious ham radio show and struggle with belief in the face of overwhelming doubt.

Children of Thomas is written by Jack Burnham, directed by Jack Burnham and Kate Seip, starring Regina R. Mann, Abby Wolfe, Meg Gibson, Skylar Jordan, Hamish Hutchison-Poyntz, Annebelle Gillis, and Serenca Ferzli, stage managed by Christina Naumovski and sound designed by Sebastian Vaillancourt. 


Other Programming

During the week of November 1-7, Shortwave Theatre Festival is proud to be partnering with the Thousand Islands Playhouse to rebroadcast episodes from their podcast, live on CFRC 101.9FM or Finding it difficult to stay creative this year? Join Associate Artistic Director Sophia Fabiilli and Company Manager Marta McDonald of the Thousand Islands Playhouse as they share a drink and speak to actors, directors, and designers about using their creativity at home during the pandemic. If you have a passion for art and theatre, and want to get creative yourself, the Playhouse Podcast is for you! Music composed by Mark Hunt. Produced by MyFM Gananoque.