Stage Door News

Orangeville: Theatre Orangeville presents “Phantoms of the Opera House” online October 30-November 13

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Join us … if you dare … for Phantoms of the Opera House, our wickedly wonderful Halloween show! 

Your online theatre will be haunted by the ghoulish Rod Beattie, the witchy Mag Ruffman, the unearthly Dan Needles, the boo-tiful Leisa Way, the undead Wayne Townsend, the devilish Kristen Da Silva and the fang-tastic Stephen Sparks! 

Live, if you can, with the terrible knowledge that other demonic, gruesome yet not-too-creepy-as-they’re-really-very-sweet Phantoms may well rise up for the show as well, should the spirit move them, so that they too can dance around the Opera House ghost light! 

Warning: If you refuse our invitation to this ghastly, ghostly affair, something awful will certainly befall you… you’ll miss out on all the fun! 

Your exclusive link is available for purchase from now until November 11th, 2020. The show will be available for viewing as of October 30th at 7pm to watch at your convenience. The link will expire November 13th at 10pm, be sure to watch by then!

Get you link HERE.