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Stratford: CBC Gem airs the Stratford Festival’s “Othello” beginning October 25

Friday, October 23, 2020

In Shakespeare’s famed psychological drama, Othello and Desdemona defy racial prejudice to be united in marriage. But deadly malice lurks where the newlyweds least expect it, as Othello’s trusted comrade and confidant, Iago, resolves to destroy their happiness at any cost. In a calculated, drawn-out mind game, Iago begins planting in Othello’s mind seeds of unjustified suspicion that will grow into a deadly obsession.

“Raw emotions are on full display” (Postmedia) in this “electrifying” production (Toronto Star), a gripping examination of racism and misogyny starring Michael Blake as Othello and Amelia Sargisson as his new wife, Desdemona. Gordon S. Miller turns in “a superb performance” as Iago (The New York Times), who uses whispers of suspicion to feed Othello’s jealousy and doubt.

Watch on CBC Gem.

Photo: Michael Blake as Othello. © 2019 Stratford Festival.