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Cambridge: Vera Causa Opera’s “Hansel & Gretel” goes online tomorrow

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Our mission has always been to provide paid opportunities for emerging artists and create accessible opera for all. 

This season, our goals have been to keep artists and musicians employed in a safe and secure way, and to simply keep the music playing.

COVID-19 has made it more difficult than ever to maintain our healthy, inclusive space for participants and deliver high-quality productions to the community.

Our solution to these challenges: an opera-movie project where artists can participate safely and the production is accessible to all. Help us support our participants and create more accessible content like 

Hansel & Gretel: The Movie! Your donation matters and directly impacts the well-being of young people in our community.

We're bringing you a theatre-style show with opening announcements and an intermission.


Bree Horton as Hansel

Alexandra Delle Donne as Gretel

Mairi Demings as The Mom / The Witch

Camilo Rodriguez Cuadrado as The Father

Angela Gibbon as Sandman / Dew Fairy

Creative Team:

Lauren Halasz - Director

Dylan Langan - Producer, Director of Music

Josh Horsley - Director of Photography

Pauline Mungai - Assistant Director of Photography 

Jai Vanderheyden - Camera Operator

Jose Villarruel Ramirez - Camera Operator

Georgina Rombough - Director of Dance & Choreographer, Contemporary School of Dance

Kennedy Dale-Johnson - Choreographer Contemporary School of Dance

Roland Kessler - Recording Engineer, Production Assistant

Hansel & Gretel: The Movie is a project made possible by a grant from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. Learn more at

To view, click HERE.