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Toronto: The Second City will livestream its last performance at 51 Mercer Street on November 14

Thursday, November 12, 2020

The world isn't ending (yet)...but 51 Mercer Street is.

We are saying farewell to our Toronto theatre's current address before our impending move next year with one last LIVE hurrah. The Second City Toronto's 84th revue, CERB Your Enthusiasm, will officially open AND close on Saturday, November 14th with a livestream event from our 51 Mercer St/99 Blue Jays home.

Cerb Your Enthusiasm
One night event, Saturday, November 14, 2020
@ 7 PM EST

Join our cast of comedians as they take on dangerous assumptions, the spiraling psychosis of living through a pandemic alone, the currency of hugs, and love in the time of COVID. Will they improvise? Aren't we all improvising right now, when you think about it? Socially distance from your own home and raise a BYOB glass of something fancy to our final performance from this historic stage.