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Mumbai: “The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries” by Outside the March opens a branch in India

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Thespo in association with Outside The March brings an immersive unique experience where we take you through a week long journey.

Sign up for a six-day, improvised mystery adventure that takes place entirely over the phone. You provide us with a real mystery from your life, and we’ll try to solve it.

Book your half-hour slot, and for six nights (16th - 21st Dec), one of our Inspectors will call you and help you solve your very own Mundane Mystery.


Project Supported by Canadian Consulate

Cast: Alistar Bennis, Dusha, Kajol Chugh, Mohammed Lehry, Ninad Samadder, Nitya Mathur, Phalguni Rao, Sahir Mehta, Shradha Raj, Tanvika Parlikar, Vansh Raj Sethi, Vipin Nair

Facilitation: Sebastien Heins and Shannon Currie

Dramaturgs: Laya Kumar, Tanvi Kotkar, Vrinda Kacker

Crew: Laya Kumar, Tanvi Kotkar


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Through community theatre watching experiences, a quarterly e-zine, workshops, performances, play readings and an annual festival, we celebrate young talent and hope to build a community of young theatre professionals.

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