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Stratford: New content is coming to StratFest@Home

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New content is coming to StratFest@Home:



A series of moving and entertaining concerts with some of the Festival’s most beloved musical stars and emerging musical artists, conceived and directed by Richard Ouzounian with music director Franklin Brasz. Enjoy intimate encounters with Robert Ball, Dan Chameroy, Cynthia Dale, Alexis Gordon, Chilina Kennedy, Robert Markus, Marcus Nance, Vanessa Sears and Kimberly-Ann Truong.


A clever twist on a game show in which two people in love share their story and three “sonneteers” compete to win their hearts with a perfect poem created on the spot. Created and directed by Rebecca Northan with sonneteers Raoul Bhaneja, Ashley Botting, Ijeoma Emesowum, Bruce Horak, Kevin Kruchkywich, Ellis Lalonde and Lee Smart.


A series of artistic experiments from a variety of theatre makers commissioned through the Festival’s Lab. These pieces experiment with performance on a digital platform in different ways, including through illustration, poetry, audio, music, Zoom, dialogue and interviews. Artists include Carmen Aguirre, Keith Barker, Jody Chan, Jeff Ho, Marcia Johnson, Davis Plett and Gislina Patterson, Christine Quintana, Joseph Recinos, Andrea Scott and Norman Yeung



Week of January 18

Live Viewing Party: The Merry Wives of Windsor,
with Geraint Wyn Davies, Sophia Walker, and Brigit Wilson

Week of January 25

Up Close and Musical: “Voice of a Preacher’s Son” with Marcus Nance
Undiscovered Sonnets, Episode 2: Jessie & Zackh


Week of February 1

Live Viewing Party: Othello, with Michael Blake

Week of February 8

Up Close and Musical: “Letting You Go” with Robert Markus
Undiscovered Sonnets, Episode 3: Matthew & Brenda

Week of February 15

Undiscovered Sonnets Double Bill
Episode 4: Brad & Brian
Episode 5: Ryan & Arakua

Week of February 22

Up Close and Musical: “Unexpected Dreams” with Alexis Gordon
Undiscovered Sonnets, Episode 6: Anne & David


Week of March 1

Live Viewing Party: The Taming of the Shrew
1988 production with Colm Feore and Goldie Semple

Week of March 8

Up Close and Musical: "Allow Yourself a Little Time to Cry" with Cynthia Dale
Undiscovered Sonnets, Episode 7: Em & Carmen

Week of March 15

Up Close and Musical: "Bold, Bruised, Born to Be" with Robert Ball
Undiscovered Sonnets, Episode 8: Brian & Gabriela

Week of March 22

Up Close and Musical: “Home Again” with Chilina Kennedy
Undiscovered Sonnets, Episode 9: Gregory & Angela

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