Stage Door News

Toronto: Massey Hall will become part of the Allied Music Centre

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Allied Properties, a Canadian provider of urban workspace, has made a landmark contribution to the Massey Hall Revitalization. This pivotal support expands the project's original scope and introduces Canada's premiere multi-purpose performance facility, Allied Music Centre, home of historic Massey Hall.

Massey Hall will always be Massey Hall and as part of Allied Music Centre, it will continue to be a home for magical music moments for generations to come. Allied Music Centre will also feature new state-of-the-art performance venues and dedicated spaces for Artist Development and Education & Outreach initiatives, all located in the 7-storey tower adjacent to the National Historic Site.

When complete, Allied Music Centre will play a profound role in our cultural ecosystem, creating inspiring new opportunities for artists and music fans at every step along their journeys. From emerging artists making their debut to the world’s most celebrated stars, young students discovering a passion for music to lifelong fans soaking in the energy of live performance, Allied Music Centre will be a home for all music and all people.

We are incredibly grateful for our new partnership with Allied Properties and although we have really missed seeing you around this year, we look forward to sharing our future with you. Your patronage means a great deal to us and we cannot wait to welcome you to Allied Music Centre late next year!


Jesse Kumagai
President & CEO
The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall


The Future of Programming

When Allied Music Centre opens its doors, Toronto will celebrate its four live music venues: Canada’s beloved Massey Hall, the 4th Floor Club, the 6th Floor Theatre and the Basement Bar. These spaces will create new opportunities and help drive Massey Hall’s Artist Development mission to cultivate and accelerate the artist’s path through the smaller venues right on to their grand debut on the iconic main stage.

For over a decade, the Massey Hall programming team have been presenting concerts in smaller venues under the banner of Massey Hall Presents, connecting emerging artists and audiences, and forging a collaborative approach to artist career development. This mission-driven work has become a core part of the Massey Hall identity in the community, supporting the development of Canadian musicians and the inspiration they bring to music fans across the city, the country, and beyond.

With music venues in Toronto disappearing at an alarming rate, Allied Music Centre’s sustainable, professional venues will breathe new life into this music-loving city.

Allied Music Centre and its four venues will be a game-changer and allow for diversified programming, with the ability to host events of varying sizes, simultaneously in different venues, under one roof. Exciting programming possibilities will flourish: immersive conferences, music summits, and new opportunities for festivals year-round, no longer limited to the warm weather months. The diversified range of venue sizes and formats will also facilitate meaningful relationships with a broader range of musical genres and cultural communities.

The tech-forward thinking and seamless recording and live-streaming capabilities at Allied Music Centre allow for a programming vision that stretches beyond in-person musical performance – and beyond the confines of our city.

Allied Music Centre is a home for all music, and the possibilities are endless.