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Toronto: Outside the March presents “The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries: Power Hour” January 18-23, 2021

Monday, December 14, 2020

You asked, so we delivered! Announcing a one-hour edition of our auditory adventure happening entirely over the phone: running for one week only!

Does your furnace sound funny? Where did your winter boots go? Why does it get so dark so early? Let the Ministry of Mundane Mysteries solve your most mundane queries this winter in one exciting hour of uplift and adventure—all over your phone!

After the success of our week-long mystery adventure, for a very limited time we’re bringing back a one-hour, one-shot edition for those long January nights. Now you and your family can experience your very own personalized mystery all in one unforgettable Power Hour.

While this precarious time is still upon us, experience joy, connection, and whimsy with the ones closest (or farthest) from you. With your entire ticket price going to pay the performers involved!

Runs only January 18-23, 2021! Tickets very limited!

Book a personalized, hour-long auditory adventure for yourself or a loved one. 

This customized improvised narrative experience unfolds over five exciting phone calls in one thrilling hour, as our intrepid private investigators delve into your very own micro mystery using the investigative power of good conversation. 

The Ministry’s Departments include: 

  • The Misplaced Keepsakes Division
  • The Striking Coincidences ThinkTank
  • The Missed Connections Unit
  • The Paranormal Activity Task Force 

At this moment of uncertainty, leave some of the pondering to the professionals as we work with you to untangle meaning from meaninglessness in the mundane.

This experience is designed to be customizeable for clients of any age. For mystery-seekers 12 and under, we recommend teaming up with a parent or guardian (at no extra charge).

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