Stage Door News

Toronto: Pointed Cap Playhouse presents “Pointed Cap Cabaret: A Webcrawl Revue” starting December 10

Thursday, December 3, 2020

This online cabaret site ( features dance, drag, burlesque and musical theatre. It doubles as an scavenger hunt where audiences search for performers “lost” on the websites of local business who support performance art and the queer community. The show provides clues to lead viewers to these sites in order to bring traffic and awareness to these important small businesses severely impacted by the pandemic.    

Cabaret, burlesque and circus fans are currently unable to attend live shows due to Covid 19, so this project brings high quality performances to them! The independent 'show' community (performers and audience alike) are often made up of under-served groups and its art is often performed in small venues with even smaller budgets, only surviving by the support of peers.

Cabarets provide a safe place for the queer community to gather and feel connected. Much like church, shows act as community gathering and celebration spaces for queer people. Although a lot of professional artists have been given online opportunities in the pandemic, these alternative entertainers have been under represented. This online show helps such artists and the community at large come together and revel in a sense of belonging and self expression.

Incorporating an interactive ‘game’ element encourages audiences to feel like a participant in the show, perhaps a small but significant change in months of passively watching screens.

Pointed Cap Cabaret features explosive performances from; Red Tongued Raven (, Ivory (, El Toro, Rebecca Perry (, Pearle Harbour ( and is hosted by St.Stella ( The grand finale features music from Canadian bi-lingual troubadours Les Barricades.

This interactive show site is produced by Stella Kulagowski with art direction by Sly Pereira. The pair make up Pointed Cap Playhouse who created sold-out Fringe productions Lysistrata, Carmilla and Mayhem at Miskatonic. Website developer Ryan Iusi rounds out the online cabaret team!

COME TO THE CABARET OL' CHUM! Visit the site anytime from Dec.10th to enjoy the show.