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Toronto: Tapestry Opera announces its Winter 2021 programming

Monday, December 21, 2020

Following a Summer and Fall with digital and live programming reaching over 5,000 audience members and engaging numerous artists, Tapestry Opera’s Winter 2021 lineup continues to pioneer within the rich and innovative Toronto arts landscape. Tapestry is discovering and developing entrancing made-for-digital programming following the refitting of its Ernest Balmer Studio as a recording studio. The Winter 2021 program will spark joy, delight and human connection while showcasing incredible local talent. 

  • A Joke Before the Gallows: Acclaimed pianist Adam Sherkin performs a musical story brimming with gallows humour and celebrating the dramatic music of Chopin, directed by Tom Diamond, with text by David James Brock, in co-production with The Piano Lunaire.

  • Our Song D’Hiver: Star soprano Mireille Asselin explores her connection to the shared and unique elements of English-speaking and French-speaking culture.

  • Where Do I Go?: Early-career powerhouse pianist Morgan-Paige Melbourne trades inspiration in a unique multidisciplinary performance combining piano with dance.

“This season will continue to expand the boundaries of opera and classical music, while embracing the potential of the small screen and how differently audiences engage there. We are thrilled to continue to feature some of Canada’s best singers as well as our rare Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano, brought to life through innovative collaborations with fantastic artists.”
 - General and Artistic Director Michael Mori 

“As we look back on 2020, we’re filled with gratitude and pride for the artists we’ve brought together, the communities who have gathered with us, and the art that has been at the centre of it all. We are looking to 2021 knowing that while there is more unknown ahead, we are filled with energy and determination to meet the coming year with incisive and beautiful art. Through it all, we will continue to offer audiences all over the world access to our programming for free, sharing the incredible work of Canadian artists with everyone.”
- Executive Director Jaime Martino

Internationally acclaimed concert pianist and Toronto native Adam Sherkin performs Frédéric Chopin’s four masterpiece scherzi in A Joke Before the Gallows. This one-man show celebrates Chopin’s scherzos with a fresh take, layering the Polish composer’s bold and dramatic music with vivid monologues to tell a blackly funny musical story. This livestreamed performance, brimming with dark humour, is directed by Tom Diamond with a libretto by David James Brock. A Joke Before the Gallows is a Tapestry Opera and The Piano Lunaire co-production, and streams live on January 30 hosted on Tapestry Opera’s Youtube channel.

Our Song D’Hiver explores the connection star soprano Mireille Asselin feels to the shared and unique elements of English- and French-speaking culture. Asselin is well-known for her enchanting performance style, and her international career has taken her all over the world including France, Germany, Italy, and five seasons at the Metropolitan Opera. This joyful new performance is a delightful exploration of togetherness, uniting us all in the universal language of music. Our Song D’Hiver streams live on February 27 hosted on Tapestry Opera’s Youtube channel.
Piano and dance collide in Where Do I Go?, a multidisciplinary performance livestreamed from the Ernest Balmer Studio. Morgan-Paige Melbourneshares her masterful talent on the piano in collaboration with a dance artist in this daring, electric performance celebrating the joy of getting lost in art and creativity at a time of uncertainty. At only 25, Torontonian Morgan-Paige Melbourne has made her mark on the classical music world with a radical politic and exquisite talent as performer and creator. Where Do I Go? streams live on March 27 hosted on Tapestry Opera’s Youtube channel.

All three performances will be broadcasted live from the Ernest Balmer Studio in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District.

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Photo: Morgan-Paige Melbourne. © 2020 Ian Chang.