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Toronto: First winners of Mirvish’s Keep Calm marquee slogan contest announced

Monday, April 13, 2020

From more than 3,300 entries, the first two winners were chosen today:



Katrina and Darlene, both of whom used simple rhymes to get their message across, have each won a $100 Mirvish Gift Card and their slogans and names are now up in lights on marquees of the Princess of Wales Theatre and the Ed Mirvish Theatre.

Also this week, we have a special additional winning slogan: WEAR A MASK THAT'S ALL I ASK OF YOU by actors Louise Pitre and Joe Matheson, who have both graced many Mirvish stages in many shows over the years. Most recently they starred in Piaf/Dietrichfor four months at the CAA Theatre. They also happen to be a married couple. Their slogan is a timely reworking of the famous lyric from The Phantom of the Opera song, "All I Ask of You."

The Keep Calm Marquee Slogan campaign continues. New entries are now being accepted and at least two new winners will be announced on Monday April 20 and Monday April 27. To enter go to

Here again are the details of the contest:

Mirvish Productions is using the digital marquees on the Princess of Wales and Ed Mirvish theatres to communicate inspirational and instructive slogans during these difficult times.

Here are some examples:

Our Health is in Your Hands, Wash Them Frequently
Your Vigilance, Your Patience, Your Resolution Will Keep Us Safe
Keep Calm and Stay Home

The idea came from the Keep Calm campaign that was launched in 1939 just prior to the beginning of WWII by the British government's Ministry of Information.

The best new slogans will be added to the rotation on our social media platforms, website and on the digital marquees of the Princess of Wales Theatre and the Ed Mirvish Theatre. We will also publish the name of the author, who will also receive a $100 Mirvish Gift Card, which can be used to purchase tickets or subscriptions.

Bonus points will be given to those slogans that are also theatrical or reference theatre, such as a slogan that riffs on a famous song lyric from a stage musical.