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Toronto: Mirvish holds a contest for best inspiriation slogan

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

You may know the slogan used at the start of WWII in the UK to inspire citizens to stay safe. It began with Keep Calm. In the spirit of that slogan, Mirvish Productions is asking all Torontonians to create new slogans that are inspirational and instructional in these turbulent days.

Here are some examples: 
• Keep Calm and Stay Home; 
• Our Health Is In Your Hands, Wash Them Frequently; 
• Your Vigilance, Your Patience, Your Resolution Will Keep Us All Safe.

We're sure our citizens' slogans will be even better.

Remember, they must be short, instructive and inspirational. The best new slogans will be added to the Mirvish Productions social media platforms, website and on the digital marquees of the Princess of Wales Theatre and the Ed Mirvish Theatre. 

We will also publish the name of the author, who will also receive a $100 Mirvish Gift Card, which can be used to purchase tickets or subscriptions to future seasons.

This is your chance to get your name in lights on the marquees of two of the continent's premiere venues and be able to enjoy great theatre on us (when the theatres are reopened once the Covid-19 pandemic has passed)!

We will choose two winners every Monday in April.

Bonus points will be awarded for slogans that have a theatrical reference or connection. It could be a play title, or a lyric from a well-known song from a musical, or even a famous theatre person's name.

To submit slogans go to

Get ready, set ... start writing.