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Toronto: Outside the March streams the film of Rosamund Small’s “Vitals” until May 5

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

For everyone missing live theatre, here's a freebie: we're releasing the film of our Dora-winning immersive 2014 production by Rosamund Small. Vitals brings audiences into the raw world of a Toronto paramedic.

View Vitals HERE.

Note from playwright Rosamund Small

"Working on this play in 2013, I was writing about paramedics between (or sometimes during) lectures in my undergrad at UofT. At the time, I wasn’t even aware how fortunate I was to have stumbled onto a subject matter so richly deep and under-appreciated. Paramedics are part of society’s bone structure, so basic and important we barely think about it, always assuming we can call 911 and someone will come to our door to help. I also found medics to be fantastic, interesting people, most particularly the show’s inspiration Kaleigh O’Brien, who patiently answered every question I had about her work. I hope one of the silver linings of this terrible global emergency is a renewed sense of care and support for frontline workers. With this in mind, I’m delighted to share our 2014 production with everyone stuck at home (good job!). We are offering this stream free of charge, but asking that you please donate what you can to Wounded Warriors, a charitable mental health services provider with robust support for frontline medical professionals."

Donate to Wounded Warriors at

Director: Mitchell Cushman
Producer: Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld
Outside The March
Written by: Rosamund Small - Adapted from her play "Vitals"
Cinematographer: Mike McLaughlin
1st AC: Ryan Hass
Sound Editing: Kerri Silva
Production Manager: Andrew Morris
Original Music and Sound: Samuel Sholdice
Production Designer: Anahita Dehbonehie
Costume Design: Shannon Lea Doyle
Locations Manager: Sebastien Heins
Colourist: Zach Cox - Built By Light post

Katherine Cullen - Anna
Nicole Busceme
Zoe Danany
Dana Deoraj
Xiemena Huizi
Hannah Kaya
Dayna Miller
Rashida Shaw
Vanessa Spence
Jean Webb
as Anna

Olivier Heins - The Voice
Jesse Watts - The Man
Sagwa Heins - The Dog

Original theatrical production sponsored by Theatre Passe Muraille and supported by Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

Photo: Katherine Cullen in Vitals. © 2014 Mike McLaughlin.