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New York: Off-Broadway Harry Potter-inspired hit “Puffs” will stream on Playbill starting May 22

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Theatre lovers can travel to a Certain School of Magic and Magic when Playbill streams Puffs beginning May 22 at 12 PM ET as part of Playbill's Playback series. In addition to the full-length Off-Broadway production, the recording includes exclusive new interviews with the cast and creative team, hosted by Felicia Fitzpatrick. 

The stream is $8.99 with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Frontline Foods, which supports local restaurants impacted by shelter-in-place measures, while feeding healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. 

Fans can join a Playbill watch party May 23 at 8 PM ET on Twitter using the hashtag #PlaybillPlayback. Click here to watch Puffs, available through May 31 at 11:59 PM ET.

Created by Matt Cox and directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker, Puffs, Or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School, of Magic and Magic follows the overlooked students of the “Puff” house. While Harry Potter was off battling evil, plenty of budding witches and wizards were just trying to find their place in the world, and now their story is told.

The recording was filmed live Off-Broadway in 2018, with a cast featuring Langston Belton, Madeleine Bundy, Jessie Cannizzaro, Nick Carrillo, A.J. Ditty, Julie Ann Earls, James Fouhey, Andy Miller, Zac Moon, Eleanor Philips, Stephen Stout, Anna Dart, and Jake Keefe. Puffs: Live was originally produced by David Carpenter / Tilted Windmills Theatricals

Serving on the creative team are features set and costume designer Madeleine Bundy, lighting designer Herrick Goldman, and sound designer Matt Cox, with original music composed by Brian Hoes.

Puffs opened July 17, 2017, at New World Stages, having previously started at Peoples Improv Theater in 2015 and a subsequent transfer to the Elektra Theater. The play also premiered in Melbourne, Australia, in May of 2018. The Off-Broadway production closed in NYC August 18, 2019.

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