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Toronto: Tarragon Theatre presents “Possibility From the Future” again on May 30 and 31

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tarragon Theatre is excited to announce Possibility From the Future - Tarragon’s UnGala an online event in lieu of our traditional gala. When it became clear the season could not move forward in light of world events, Artistic Director Richard Rose put out a call for ‘playlets’ about possibility and hope from Tarragon’s extended group of playwright-in-residence, past and present.

On Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24, Tarragon Theatre presented three online events, free for registrants this weekend, featuring scripts about possibility and hope from the bold voices of 16 of our resident playwrights: three video segments of original playlets presented over two days and read by the playwrights themselves! Each segment will run approximately 40 minutes and will be available for the patrons to watch at their leisure over the weekend.

It was a glorious weekend and many of our subscribers had an incredible time at Possibility From the Future.

But it was such good weather that many of you may have missed one of the three segments so we've decided to offer a second presentation again this weekend Saturday, May 30 through Sunday, May 31!

The first segment will feature works from Audrey Dwyer (Associate Artistic Director – RMTC, Calpurnia), Rosa Labordé (Marine Life, Léo), Daniel MacIvor (New Magic Valley Fun Town, House), Maria Milisavljevic (Abyss, Peach River Country), Sean Dixon (A God in Need of Help, Jumbo) and Hannah Moscovitch (Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes, Bunny).

Our second segment will feature works from Chloé Hung (Three Women of Swatow, Issei, He Say), Marcus Youssef (King Arthur’s Night, Winners and Losers), David Young (No Great Mischief, Inexpressible Island), Kat Sandler (Mustard, Yaga) and Christine Quintana (Selfie, Good Things to Do). 

Concluding the event in segment 3 will be Andrew Kushnir (Wormwood, The Gay Heritage Project), Kenneth T. Williams (In Care, Café Daughter), Chelsea Woolley (Enormity, Girl, and the Earthquake in Her Lungs, The Mountain), Jeff Ho (Iphigenia and the Furies (On Taurian Land), Antigone: 方), Andrea Scott (Every Day She Rose, Controlled Damage) and Eva Barrie (Co-Artistic Director Shakespeare in the Ruff, Portia’s Julius Caesar).

As well, in advance of the weekend, video clips with the Playwrights talking about “What in these current times inspired them to write about the world a year from now?” will be available on the Tarragon website.

While this event is free for all registrants we hope patrons will donate in support of artists though Tarragon Theatre’s Relief Fund.

After an overwhelming response of wanting more time to view the segments and share with friends and family, we'd like to give you this opportunity to experience these playlets of positivity once more.

You can click here to register online and receive a free link to Possibility From the Future. 

If you've registered the first time, no need to register again! Your original link will still grant you access to the videos.

We will be responding to your requests from 10 a.m - 8 p.m. (EST).