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Toronto: The Art of Time Ensemble’s Andrew Burashko holds a conversation with theatre director Daniel Brooks

Monday, June 15, 2020

Our next conversation with Daniel Brooks happened shortly before recent events in the United States rightfully overwhelmed our collective consciousness and some of my long held personal beliefs – particularly regarding the place of politics in art. Daniel is a dear friend, Art of Time collaborator and one of the greatest theatre artists that Canada has produced. 

Almost two years ago, Daniel was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Thankfully, it’s been treatable and Daniel has been able to continue his work. We spoke of these unusual times and how they have touched us. As we settled into our conversation, we also spoke of Anton Chekov and his late works, Konstantin Stanislavski and the Moscow Art Theatre, Simone Weil and her book “Gravity & Grace”, Andrei Tarkovsky, Goethe’s “Faust”,  Daniel MacIvor, Pina Bausch & Wim Wenders' film “Pina”, Marcel Proust, the name Daniel would adopt if he ever became a porn star and many other things.

On Tuesday, June 16th at 12:00pm, Art of Time Ensemble's Artistic Director Andrew Burashko will speak on a panel with Molly Johnson, Aida Aydinyan, Mike Tanner, and Brian Iler, moderated by Garvia Bailey. The panel will speak to the future of artistic venues, and how important live performance has been in their careers.

This free livestream event is hosted by the Empire Club of Canada. 

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Photo: Daniel Brooks. © 2001.