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Toronto: Due to popular demand Fringe Collective content will be re-released online

Friday, July 31, 2020

From Wednesday, August 19 - Sunday, August 23 we will be re-releasing all 4 Acts of the Fringe Collective's content for 5 days only. This will be your chance to experience the pieces that you missed, and to tip the artists if you did not have a chance to do so. It will be our little end-of-summer gift to you, to help celebrate the approaching end of the Fringe season.

And what a season it's been. With festivals cancelled all over the world, Fringes have had to rise to the occasion and create truly unique experiences for their artists and audiences. We have been so impressed by the creativity and nimbleness of Fringe artists all over. And don't forget: there are still many of our sister festivals coming up. Check out all their details here and remember that there will likely be a digital component, so please travel the world from your laptop this summer and support our Fringe community. 

Here at home, we were so pleased to be able to offer our Collective artists an equal share of the $27,000 we raised, with your help, back in early July. But we'd like to see if we can offer them a bit more!

How it will work:

Many artists of the Fringe Collective have agreed to re-release their content for this 5-day-only window from August 19-23. (Full list of artists will be available soon.) The content will not live behind a paywall, as it did in July, but instead will live on a public page on We still strongly encourage tips to the artists. A donation link will be available alongside all the content, and 100% of the tips will be added to the artists' payouts at the end of August. 

So mark your calendar and save the date! The Fringe Collective will return at the end of the summer.