Stage Door News

Toronto: Encore presentation of the Fringe Collective starts Wednesday

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

One last chance to feel those Fringey vibes before the summer is (sigh) over...

From tomorrow (Wednesday, August 19 at noon) until Sunday, August 23 at midnight we will be re-releasing all 4 Acts of the Fringe Collective's content

How it will work:

The content will not live behind a paywall, as it did in July, but instead will be public to everyone who visits our website. No need to add a pass or log in! You will be able to access content by clicking through to various Act pages from the following landing page:

Support the artists!

Even through there is no paywall, we still strongly encourage tips to the artists. A donation link will be available alongside all the content, and 100% of the tips will be added to the artists' payouts at the end of August. This pandemic isn't going away any time soon, so let's give their bank accounts a little boost, shall we? 

That's a Wrap on the Inaugural My First Fringe 

From July 27 - Aug 14, Fringe offered a series of digital workshops on creation, direction, design and producing for teens interested in the Toronto Fringe with established and practicing theatre artists in Toronto.

Last Friday night, the youth presented an offering of their work on Zoom, and we are so proud of what they accomplished in just a few short sessions. Thanks to all the youth who jumped into this digital experiment with us - their bravery and creative expressions inspired us, and we can't wait to see what they are up to next.

Thanks also to the artist facilitators Kanika Ambrose, Aaron Jan, Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu, and Stephanie Michelle Leon.

Keep your eyes out for more My First Fringe programming in the future! Information will be available here.