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Toronto: SideHustle, an online marketplace featuring goods and services by arts workers, has launched

Sunday, August 2, 2020

SideHustle is a new multi-vendor marketplace featuring products and services sold by people in the arts community. SideHustle is an online store catering to consumers wanting to support local and independent artists facing the effects that COVID-19 is having on the arts & entertainment industry.

“We hope to bring the community together through this platform by allowing artists to find financial success through other passions, especially while the future of the arts industry is unknown,” says Verzotti, co- founder of SideHustle. “Our goal is to reach consumers with beautiful products, and high-quality services as well as reinforce stronger bonds within our already tight-knit community.

Features and benefits of SideHustle include:

• Shoppers can be part of a loyalty program and collect Hustle Stars, which they can redeem for savings at checkout!

• SideHustle will be active in the theatre community, and local community to amplify other organizations that align with SideHustle’s values. Some of these organizations include Diva Day, the Actors’ Fund, The And, Stage Company & The ArtFolk Collective.

People can start shopping on SideHustle on July 8th, 2020. For more information on SideHustle visit

Welcome to SideHustle - The online marketplace for artists | SideHustle

The online marketplace for artists and members of Canada's theatre community to share their side businesses! Find art, beauty products, services and more!

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About SideHustle

Jacob Sheffield and Kelsey Verzotti met in college studying for their Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance. They have always been inspired by their colleagues’ abilities to utilize their many talents on and off stage and wanted to create one platform to showcase all of them. Whether it’s accompaniment tracks for an audition, a custom painting or an opening night card, SideHustle has you covered! 

Illustration: Logo for SideHustle, © 2020 Christina Crivici Blossom Shop.