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Barrie: Talk Is Free Theatre announces the Artist Basic Income Guarantee Pilot Project

Monday, September 28, 2020

The TIFT Artist BIG Project is a pilot project designed to offer a number of Artists (approximately 20) a minimum annual income guarantee each year, for a three-year period. The income would be earned through the Artist being engaged on various and separate projects with TIFT throughout the year, as determined by TIFT’s Artistic Producer (“AP”) and the individual Artist together. TIFT would guarantee that the Artist is able to earn enough in fees from the separate independent contracts with TIFT each year to at least equal the minimum annual income guarantee. One of the goals of the BIG Project is the exploration of a new operating system, through action research, that would offer artists and theatre companies a more sustainable and effective paradigm in which to create theatre.

A more detailed description of the program is available HERE. Please also follow this link to sign up for informational webinars on October 5 and 7, 2020.

Call for Proposals

Artist BIG is intended for theatre professionals who are currently deriving/seeking the majority of their work as actors, but are interested and excited about diversifying their artistic portfolios and/or professional functions within an artistic organization, with the goal of providing them a more stable, sustainable existence within the world of professional theatre.

Application Requirements:

1. Please send a 250-word personal statement that contains:

  • A brief discussion about three artistic opportunities that would scare you the most and why. Please be bold. This could be directing your first play, or creating a piece that is unlike anything the art form has experienced, for example.
  • One way in which you would like your artistic pursuits to change the world. (You will not necessarily be asked to put this into real-life action; this is for inspiration purposes only). 

2. Please submit one or more artistic samples of your work that you are most passionate about, for a combined total of no more than 5 minutes. As an example, this can be a combination of contrasting songs, monologues, or even a scene you directed. These samples do not need to be freshly prepared. Please do not forget to include your role/function for the submitted material (For artists who were engaged in three previous TIFT productions, providing support material is optional).

3. Please include your resume.

The Ideal Applicant:

  • Wants to see positive change in how the professional theatre industry functions.
  • Is artistically adventurous, ambitious and risk-taking.
  • Has previous work history in Barrie, Ontario (this is a preference, but not a requirement).

Please direct any questions to

Submissions are due no later than 5pm (EST) on October 23, 2020. 

Late submissions cannot be accepted.

Please submit to

Our goal is to notify all applicants about the results of their submissions by November 30, 2020.