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Cambridge: A recording of “Earth” from Vera Causa Opera’s Community Opera Fest is now available

Sunday, September 27, 2020

A collaboration between creative minds in the community, Earth was performed and recorded live by Vera Causa Opera orchestra and performers during physically-distanced sessions in August/September 2020. 

The audio recording is now available to enjoy!

Earth tells the tale of a planet in pain, and brings up topics surrounding climate change with a multi-dimensional lens. 

The opera personifies the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Stars, and uses them as means for a conversation about responsibility, adaptability, and change. 

Listen at


Allison Walmsley - The Sun

Bree Horton - The Moon

Camilo Rodríguez-Cuadrado - The Earth


Alyssa Bonsi - Soprano

Lynne McIntee - Soprano

Rebecca Chapeskie - Alto

Patrick de Carmo - Tenor

Roland Kessler - Bass

Dylan Langan - Bass


Zach Daza - Conductor

Tawnya Convoy - Flute

Chris Todd - Clarinet

Rachel Arseneau - Clarinet

Emerson Berglund - Horn 

Hayley Burgess - Horn

Ryan Minten - Trombone

Dylan Langan - Piano

Justin Leckie - Violin 1

Devon Hearn - Violin 2

Ken Kosow - Viola

Murray Dunne - Cello

Alex Gage - Bass 

Creative Team

Jessica Bertrand - Music

Rebecca Chapeskie - Concept and Words

Zach Daza -  Concept, Words, and Music

Ken Kosow - Concept

Emily Janet - Concept

Dylan Langan - Concept, Words, Music, and Transcription

Shan Powell - Concept and Words

Emma Verdonk - Concept, Words, Music, and Transcription

Windsor Viney - Concept, Words, and Music

Alexander "Sandy" Wright - Music and Transcription

Karen Yeats - Concept, Words, and Music

Community Opera Fest 2020 is a project made possible by a grant from the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation. Learn more at