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London: Theatre community suspends Brickenden Awards but music bash will go ahead

Monday, January 11, 2021

London’s music community will have an awards celebration this year, but theatre enthusiasts will have to wait.

There will be no Brickenden Awards to celebrate excellence in theatre, but Mario Circelli, chair of the Forest City London Music Awards, said a live, virtual or hybrid event will be held in late May or June.

“We’re already in the planning stages and we’ve broken it down to three possibilities, depending on the COVID-19 restrictions,” said Circelli.

Brickenden Awards chair Jane Hanbuch said there will be no awards ceremony, given the pandemic but also because most productions were cancelled or postponed.

“Those plays that we were able to see at the beginning of 2020 (before the pandemic hit in mid-March) will be juried with those we see when we start up the jury process again,” said Handbuch.

“We look forward to celebrating with our vibrant local community once we all are able to return to the joy of live theatre together.”

They also will wait to name the next recipient of the Chris Doty award, given to an individual or organization to “honour their lifelong contributions to theatre in London.”

“We will not be choosing a Chris Doty award at this time, as we feel it is an honour best shared in the presence of theatre colleagues,” said Hanbuch.

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