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Barrie: Talk Is Free Theatre presents the Canadian premiere of “Museum of Fiction” November 5-13

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Today, TIFT Artistic Producer Arkady Spivak and Barrie Film Festival Director Claudine Benoit announced details of their creative partnership to produce the upcoming Canadian premiere of Museum of Fiction, created by acclaimed Argentine artist Matías Umpierrez and starring Robert Lepage.
This innovative adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth unites the performing arts, visual arts and cinema as one video installation experience that is unique to every audience member. In his work, Umpierrez explores links between the spectator and fiction that have a resounding connection to the world today. The narrative unfolds around the audience on a series of screens and, depending which screen is being watched, depicts a unique perspective of the truth within the story. Exploring the contradictory concept of presenting fiction within the setting of a museum, Umpierrez has created an experience that inspires conversations about how the truth relies on how individuals experience it in the moment.
Set in 1990’s post-dictatorship Spain, Museum of Fiction immerses the audience in a world where media and propaganda are used to control the masses through the spread of false realities and fear.
Museum of Fiction is presented in Spanish and French with English subtitles.
Museum of Fiction runs for a limited time from November 5 to 13, 2021 at Five Points Theatre located at 1 Dunlop Street West, Barrie.

Museo de la Ficción (The Museum of Fiction)
Video installation performance art piece by
Matías Umpierrez
Starring Ángela Molina, Robert Lepage, Elena Anaya, Chema Tena, Adolfo Fernández, Ana Torrent, Tessa Andonegui, Javier Pereira, Javier Tolosa, Astrid Jones, Boré Buika, Alfonso Bassave, Tony Lam, Ziyi Yan, Olalla Hernández, Noa Sanchez Jiménez and Ángeles Arenas Ruiz

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Photo: Scene from Museum of Fiction with Robert Lepage and Ángela Molina. © 2021 Reto Albertalli.