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Toronto: Puppetmongers presents “Cinderella in Muddy York” online December 18-January 3

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Puppetmongers celebrates an unconventional 32nd edition of its annual Winter Holiday Show, a beloved tradition for audiences of all ages, with an at-home, on-demand viewing of Cinderella in Muddy York. Make yourselves comfy, turn down the lights, and imagine yourselves in the theatre with us!

A whimsical take on Toronto history that tickles the funny bones of adults and children alike, Cinderella in Muddy York is the classic tale reset in 1834 Upper Canada, at the time when “muddy” York is about to become Toronto. Puppetmongers’ very Canadian Ella is a kind and capable girl, who is expected to cater to every whim of her recently immigrated stepmother and sisters. With a little magic and some imaginative special effects, our resourceful girl manages to get herself to the Ball, and to the satisfying conclusion of the story.

The show is followed by an optional bonus feature of sister and brother duo Ann and David Powell answering Frequently Asked Questions about Cinderella in Muddy York.

“It’s lovely that gentle, intelligent shows for kids still exist.” - The Globe and Mail

“The Puppetmongers have presented a winter show since 1990. […] It’s one of those lovely traditions that bring richness and colour to the multi-faceted theatrical life of the city.” - Toronto Star

“Plays beautifully to children and adults alike… the humour is subtle and beguiling.
This show is magic for everybody.” - CBC Here and Now

At the forefront of puppetry arts in Canada, the Puppetmongers’ brother and sister team of Ann and David Powell have won numerous awards and toured extensively in North America, Europe and the Middle East, earning an international reputation as leaders and innovators in the field of puppetry. Puppetmongers Theatre has been bewitching audiences since 1974 with their exceptional and inventive creations, and their winter holiday performances have become a delightful tradition for families and theatre goers since 1990.

Puppetmongers Theatre celebrates its 32nd annual Winter Holiday Show with

Cinderella in Muddy York 

For family audiences aged 5 to 105

Available on demand December 18, 2021-January 3, 2022 

Created and performed by Ann Powell and David Powell
Directed by Sue Miner

Pre-order for $15.00 now at!

Photo: David Powell with Cinderella’s Stepmother and Stepsisters. © Dahlia Katz.