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Toronto: Crow’s Theatre presents the family theatre/game “New Societies” for March Break

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Need a fun activity for March Break? Families, this is your chance to work together to create your ideal society in an interactive narrative strategy game.

Join us for something a little bit different. New Societies is a game of collaboration, competition, and potential Utopia. Created by Re:Current Theatre, and presented in March by Crow's Theatre, New Societies draws together the forms of a strategic board game and a theatrical narrative, all shaped by the choices you make as you play. 

Join us from your home - as a single player, with kids, or with a partner  (any combination is possible!) - for the first Toronto edition of New Societies

Guided by a set of facilitators, you’ll be placed in groups over Zoom to compete against or collaborate with other players in order to build your ideal society. Be careful, because as your choices shape the direction of your group, there are seven other societies also creating an ever growing and responsive landscape.

Filled with humour and levity, New Societies is a playful challenge to reflect on how we operate within our current world, while giving players the opportunity to be the catalysts in crafting a better one.

March 18-28

Ages: 10+

Reserve $25 digital tickets HERE.