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Toronto: Crow’s Theatre announces new multi-platform projects

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

We hope the return of spring is inspiring you as much as it is us at Crow’s Theatre. We’re thrilled to share some exciting news about new projects on the horizon, and promise to keep you up to date with news of our re-opening as soon as we can.The Crow’s team is thrilled to announce a second wave of artistic projects and practices being supported as part of our Multi-Platform Program. It has been a pleasure getting to know artists from across the country, and we will have more news to share with you in the coming months about the next wave of projects funded through this program.

Today, we are announcing an array of projects ranging from digital residencies and podcasts, to the development of a new hybrid performance piece, Locus Standi: The Extradition Hearing of Leonard Peltier with Stan Douglas and Marie Clements. 

Digital Residency: Against the Grain Theatre

After their stunning achievement with their film, Messiah/Complex, we are pleased to announce that Against the Grain Theatre will be participating in a digital residency at Crow's Theatre, creating a new film during their residency.

Established in 2010, Against the Grain Theatre is an award-winning Canadian opera company committed to revitalizing the operatic art form by presenting an eclectic array of musical works in unconventional spaces and innovative ways. With a mandate to create and introduce audiences to outside-the-box opera experiences, they perform fresh, daring re-interpretations of classical repertoire in unconventional spaces to create a thrilling, intimate, unforgettable experience shared between artists and audiences.

In Development:

As a follow up to Douglas’s first multimedia live theatre production Helen Lawrence, he returns with Locus Standi: The Extradition Hearing of Leonard Peltier, a verbatim play in two acts based on the 1976 extradition hearing of the American Indian Movement (AIM) leader Leonard Peltier. Witnesses for the defence (Indigenous leaders, activist lawyers, community organizers and advocates) recount stories from the signing of the Fort Laramie Treaty in 1968, through the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee up to the 1975 incident at Oglala that precipitated the hearing. 

To be Co-Directed by Stan Douglas and Marie Clements.

Digital Residency: Red Sky Performance

Red Sky Performance will be participating in a digital residency and filming their award-winning production of Mistatim.  Mistatim is an Original Production of Red Sky Performance in partnership with Toronto Symphony Orchestra and in association with Crow's Theatre.

An unforgettable story of reconciliation, Mistatim is about the taming of a wild horse and the truest of friendships. Under a prairie sky, a simple wooden fence is all that separates Calvin on his ranch and Speck on her reservation. In many ways they are worlds apart, that is, until a wild horse named Mistatim turns their worlds upside down.

Podcast Pilot Episode Commissions from Marcel Stewart & Meghan Swaby

Crow’s Theatre is pleased to announce the commission of pilot episodes for two new podcasts from Toronto artists.

Marcel Stewart has been commissioned to create a pilot episode of a new podcast, title to be announced at a later date. Marcel is an actor, writer, director, arts educator, and organizer with Jamaican heritage, but born in the UK and raised in Canada. He often returns to the questions: Who am I? How am I? How did I get here? Who have I lost? What is my purpose? Marcel was a member of the Soulpepper Academy, and he recently completed the Theatre Enhancement Program (Directing Foreman) through Factory Theatre. 

Meghan Swaby has been commissioned to create a pilot episode of her new untitled podcast about the history of Caribbean folklore, how it interweaves with the present and future.

Meghan Swaby is an actor and playwright based in Toronto. As a playwright her play Venus’ Daughterwas produced by Obsidian Theatre in 2016, directed by Philip Akin and was included on The SureFire List (Playwrights Guild of Canada). Her work was presented at the Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn, through the  50in50: Writing Black Women Into Existence (curated by Dominique Morisseau).