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Toronto: Soundstreams makes its “Electric Messiah” available for Easter

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Composer G.F. Handel originally conceived of his masterpiece Messiah as a performance to be done at Easter, not Christmas as has become the tradition. To celebrate, we’re delighted to open up our December 2020 Electric Messiah performance to you all! 

The music escapes the confines of in-person venues and transforms into a full-length music video, complete with a mix of on-location outdoor filming in the public spaces of Toronto, studio recordings, and a unique cinematic approach. Featuring a theatrically exciting cast, and a feast of musical styles ranging from jazz to soul/hip-hop, Electric Messiah brings the past to life in a fresh way that reflects the city we live in.

Among other reimaginings of Handel’s classic music from the performers themselves, Electric Messiah includes a new work by Ian Cusson, O Death, O Grave. Ian Cusson‘s new work is commissioned with the generous support of Michael and Sonja Koerner, and the SOCAN Foundation. 

Rob Kempson, stage director

Adam Scime, music director/electronics

Lindsay McIntyre, soprano

Teiya Kasahara, treble

Jonathan MacArthur, tenor

Andrew Adridge, bass

SlowPitchSound, turntables

Joel Schwartz, guitar

Wesley Shen, harpsichord

Joel Visentin, electric organ/keyboard

Lybido, dancer

And a new work by Ian Cusson, O Death, O Grave

Blake Hannahson, cinematographer

Jacob White, B camera operator

Pouya Hamidi, audio engineer

Click below to see what critics called “a highly polished affair” and “a delight to both eye and ear.” (The Wholenote). Whether it’s your first time watching or a re-watch, we hope you enjoy this incredible production. Available until April 11.