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Kitchener: Midtown Radio Project presents “Hamburger” by Ciarán Meyers on April 18

Friday, April 16, 2021

Midtown Radio Project presents an audio version of "Hamburger" by PGC Member Ciarán Myers on April 18th at 8pm ET. Tune in at: to have a listen!


Written by Ciarán Myers and directed by Sukhpreet Sangha.

Written while attending the Stratford Festival Playwrights Retreat and developed by the Registry Theatres ActOne Festival in Kitchener:

"I’ve worked a great deal in the food industry. Hamburger is my theatrical love-letter to that environment. The fast pace, deep passion, and intense heat of a commercial kitchen makes for fantastically intimate professional relationships. Of course, this is often as problematic as it can be beautiful. Especially within an industry that has almost no upward mobility for its workers. As is often possible in theatre and other fields, workers are sometimes willing to face poor pay and toxic relationships in kitchens because they are so deeply in love with working with food. I believe there are too-few contemporary dramas that raise the lid on this reality.” CM