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London: AlvegoRoot streams Ken Cameron’s comedy “Harvest” as an audio play until July 12

Friday, April 23, 2021

To city folk, the clues might be obvious, but a retiring farmer and his wife might not be so cynical about renting their farmhouse to someone named Razor who has no furniture.

That’s where the story begins in Ken Cameron’s play Harvest, which is being streamed on demand from AlvegoRoot Theatre until July 12.

The show is an audio play directed by Adam Corrigan Holowitz and stars Jeff Culbert and Elizabeth Duran, who each play several characters.

The play is actually based on the real life experience of Cameron’s parents, Allister and Carolyn, who had a farm in the Dutton area and now live in London.

The couple want to retire to a condo in the city but aren’t ready to sell their house, so they rent it to a “nice” couple from the city and the fun begins when clues to the truth unfold.

“It’s a comedy that doesn’t shy away from the realities and challenges we face in the real world,” said Corrigan Holowitz.

“The characters are full of life. The stakes get higher in the second act when it looks like the couple could lose everything.”

Corrigan Holiwitz said the show fits into AlvegoRoot’s mission to present local stories on stage.

“Ken (Cameron’s) parents are stalwart supporters of theatre in Southwestern Ontario and loyal audience members of ours, so I feel honoured we get to share a play inspired by their experiences, which represents the larger challenges facing our rural communities as populations dwindle and farmers retire.”

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What: Ken Camron’s Harvest, presented by AlvegoRoot Theatre, directed by Adam Corrigan Holowitz and starring Jeff Culbert and Elizabeth Duran.

When: Until July 12.

Where: Online at, free of charge although donations can be made on the website.