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Stratford: April 8 is the viewing party for “Vanessa Sears: That’s How the Song Goes”

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Vanessa Sears performs in Up Close and Musical this week. Imagine if life was music: all the rough edges are smoothed, all the clashing chords resolve sweetly. Vanessa Sears knows that allure. But she’s made the bolder choice: not to retreat into music but to use it as a battle cry. With a deeply personal, eclectic selection of show tunes and a brand-new song written specifically for her, Vanessa urges us on to a more honest and uncompromising tomorrow.

Vanessa made her Stratford Festival debut in 2019, giving us some of the best moments of that season as Billy’s Mum in Billy Elliot the Musical and Ronnette in Little Shop of Horrors. She has performed on stages across the province and was set to return to Stratford for the 2020 season in Here’s What It Takes

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Photo: Vanessa Sears.