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Orangeville: Theatre Orangeville announces two live productions for its 2021 summer season

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Theatre Orangeville is thrilled to bring you the Summer Series! Welcome back to live theatre. 

We have two outstanding plays for you: Chase the Ace, from Aug. 11-22, and Josiah, from Sep. 8-19. Live, in-person, and following strict COVID-19 protocols.

Stay tuned for more information on venue and safety protocols! Coming soon! 



Written & Performed by Mark Crawford  | Directed by Miles Potter 

When big city radio host Charlie King is forced to take a job managing a small town station, he has no idea what’s in store! Not only does a pandemic begin his first week in Port Belette, but he quickly finds himself chasing a story of municipal corruption. From the writer of Stag and Doe and The Birds and the Bees comes a hilarious one-man comedy about a down-on-his-luck DJ, a local lottery, and the search for truth in these unprecedented times.



Written & Directed by Charles Robertson | Starring Cassel Miles

A new Canadian play about the life of Josiah Henson, the "real" Uncle Tom. One man and a bucket brings one incredible story to life. This one-person show engages audiences with a mix of drama, dance, and movement to reveal the first chapter of Josiah Henson's life from slavery to freedom.

It is a collaboration between actor, Cassel Miles, and writer/director, Charles Robertson. Using excerpts from Josiah Henson’s autobiography and vernacular from the time, Robertson creates a realistic, yet poetic dialogue. “The play takes Henson's own words and spins them into compelling theatre” explains Robertson. In addition to Josiah, there are thirty other characters in the play all played by Miles.

Josiah Henson defied adversity. Morally brave and resilient, he is a role model. 

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