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Ottawa: The NAC presents “Indigenous Cities: Ottawa” online

Friday, June 18, 2021

Experience stories from the cities you thought you knew.

Indigenous Cities presents memories from Indigenous community members based in cities across Canada; memories that have been interpreted by Indigenous artists to create a unique audio storytelling experience.

We invite you to explore our virtual maps, watch video of the locations where each of these real stories takes place, and listen to these meaningful audio stories and songs. This year’s stories are based in the cities known as Vancouver, Saskatoon, and Ottawa.

This year is just the beginning, as Indigenous Cities will continue to feature stories from across the country in future seasons.

I am so excited to share with you all Indigenous Cities: The Stories Here.

Now covered over with asphalt and concrete, the stories of our lands past and present are obscured by the busy streets of our modern reality. Indigenous Cities reveals the Stories Here, stories told about these cities from an Indigenous perspective.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful stories and that they help peel back the concrete and asphalt to reveal something new to you, about the cities you thought you knew.

Artistic Director, Indigenous Theatre, Nlaka'pamux Nation in British Columbia, Kevin Loring


The stories here | Adsokàn Ondaje

What is now called the nation’s capital has been known by many for its rich history and recognizable monuments. But what stories have so far gone untold? What knowledge is embedded in the foundations of this territory?


Craig Commanda

Accompanied by an original musical composition representing a soundscape of land and water, Craig Commanda preserves the words of Elder Albert Dumont, bringing the voice of Akikodjiwan to life.


Larissa Desrosiers

A remembering of a moment in history holds space for family members and survivors affected by the grief of MMIWG2S+.

In Honour of Her, A Loveletter to Aki

Emily Marie Séguin

Emily Marie Seguin’s live audio recordings taken from throughout the Ottawa downtown core create a dense composition, accompanied by memories from Jennifer Ferrante that recount a Mother and Daughter’s relationship to the territory and calls to the importance of the wellness of Aki.

I’ll Be Right By Your Side

Amanda Rheaume

Singer/songwriter Amanda Rheaume is joined by Elder Annie Smith St Georges, and imagines Annie’s ancestor’s words through song: a past world of rich culture where the Centre Block now stands, and a bright future of continuous traditions.

To Nozhem

Alanis King

A grandmother imagines a shared conversation with a future generation – and recounts the Seven Fires Prophecy, the history of Asinabka, and her place within its history. 

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Illustration: Sacred Land at the Chaudière Falls. © 2021 Pam Cailloux.