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Toronto: Contemporary dance takes the stage in July and August at the Dream in High Park

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

This summer, the joy of live contemporary dance takes the stage in Canadian Stage’s Dream in High Park, with two distinct programs to inspire, to thrill, and to connect. As the world begins to move forward into a post-pandemic future, while processing the challenges and isolation of the recent past, these two dance works offer reflection and healing, looking back to ancestors for guidance forward.

Taking the stage July 15 to 18 is Maggie & Me: A Healing Dance, from Indigenous artist Christine Friday. From August 19 to 22 audiences can discover the new commission MUKUTHÔ, choreographed and performed by Casimiro Nhussi and Pulga Muchochoma.

MAGGIE & ME: A Healing Dance, July 15-18 (8:00pm)

A Friday Creeations Production in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts, presented by Canadian Stage, Maggie & Me: A Healing Dance explores community, family, history, and the power of a healing dance as moments weave through the dream realm, spirit realm, and present realm. Two Maggies form the heart of the work: Maggie Wilson, who made dances that fostered happiness in the mid-1800s; and Maggie White, one of the mothers of the traditional Jingle Dress Dance.

Created and performed by Christine Friday, the recipient of the 2018 K.M. Hunter Award for Dance, this breathtaking immersive performance shares the story of how a healing dance can strengthen communities.

MUKUTHÔ August 19 – 22 (8:00pm)

Co-curated and co-presented by dance Immersion and Canadian Stage, MUKUTHÔ is a new collaborative dance work by Casimiro Nhussi and Pulga Muchochoma. This world premiere piece is based on a Mozambican ritual from the Chuabo tribe that is performed by elders to communicate with ancestors for guidance, forgiveness, and reconnection to the living. This ritual also serves to welcome new family members, connect different generations within families, and as the method of passing knowledge from elders to younger generations through dance, song, and music.

From the Artists: “In African traditions, there is always a belief that we are connected to our ancestors. We believe that our ancestors are the ones that guide us, the ones who pave the path for us to walk through, the ones who turn on the light in the days of darkness, the ones that connect us with Mother Nature and teach us to love one another. Therefore, for Africans, it does not matter what part of the world we are living in, we are always connected and communicating with our ancestors and with Mother Nature. At this moment, we need to communicate with our spirits, our ancestors, and to Mother Nature. At this moment, we need to regain our strength and rejuvenate our souls. At this moment, we need to communicate with whatever we believe so that we can get up and continue with our journey.

Casimiro and Pulga will be joined on stage by musician Kobèna Acquaah-Harrison, an award-winning producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer originally from Ghana.


Advanced tickets for Dream in High Park performances are now on sale. Ticket prices will vary based on production and performance.  At noon, two days prior to each performance, 50% of ticket capacity will become available at Pay-What-You-Wish pricing. Tickets cannot be purchased at the venue. Advertised ticket prices include applicable fees and HST. Visit

Photo: The amphitheatre in High Park.