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Toronto: The Red Sandcastle Theatre is under new management by Eldritch Theatre

Monday, July 26, 2021

The Red Sandcastle Theatre, owned and operated by Rosemary Doyle since 2011, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a new look and new management. Long time renter with Red Sandcastle Theatre, Eldritch Theatre’s production and artistic team Eric Woolfe and Adrianna Prosser join the Red Sandcastle team as Managing Director and General Manager. Woolfe and Prosser will act as caretakers of the Castle. 

“I have had the most magical decade as guardian of the Red Sandcastle Theatre, and Deborah Ann Frankel and I are thrilled that Eldritch Theatre will be officially joining the realm to keep this special place available to the indie theatre community of Toronto. Whenever Eldritch Theatre came to the Sandcastle they always took the best care of it, and brought a certain pizazz to our dear little black box.  I am sure that they in turn will take excellent care of our #indieunite community.  Please don’t worry, I have not stepped down. I am just stepping to the side, to assure you that your indie dreams will be properly taken care of as I take care of Theatre Kingston.”
-Rosemary Doyle, Theatre Kingston Artistic Director and owner of Red Sandcastle Theatre.

Eldritch Theatre is currently celebrating its 21st year creating plays that go bump in the night, has staged several productions and programs at The Red Sandcastle. It has been the home of Dora Mavor award winner and nominated shows such as Space Opera Zero (Dora Winner 2018), The Harrowing of Brimstone McReedy (twice Dora nominated 2017), Doc Wuthergloom’s Haunted Medicine Show (three times Dora nominated), House at Poe Corner (2016) and Frankenstein’s Boy (2015).

“The Red Sandcastle has been our favourite place to brew our creepily uncanny theatricals. We are excited to take charge of the space and invite other companies to come and create their own fantastical creations within its walls.”
-Eric Woolfe, Artistic Director of Eldritch Theatre, and new Managing Director of Red Sandcastle Theatre.

As the theatre community recovers from the considerable impact of the pandemic, Woolfe and Prosser are keen to bring The Red Sandcastle back from hibernation. They are dedicated to preserving the Castle’s unique indie vibe and great rates. Ensuring that The Red Sandcastle remains a space where artists can get back to creating and presenting their work in downtown Toronto is a top priority. 

Bookings are open for 2022 and some weeks have already started to fill up. Any rental inquiries can be made through or go to And watch our social media for more updates to come! 

About The Red Sandcastle Theatre
A 50 seat storefront theatre, in which anything is possible! We’re so off Broadway, we’re in Leslieville. In May of 2011, Rosemary Doyle opened the Red Sandcastle Theatre, with the intent of giving theatre artists a canvas. That feeling that anything is possible, has become a reality with 922 Queen Street East becoming an Artistic Hub to rent for creators in theatre, dance, visual art, and music.