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Kingston: Theatre Kingston announces its 30th season

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

2021/2022 is Theatre Kingston's 30th Season and so we would like to celebrate by inviting you back to the Theatre with a full season of LIVE! IN PERSON! SHOWS! 3 main stage shows, 2 Tett specials and next years Fringe! That's what theatre is all about.

WE SPEAK features the works of 21 Kingston playwrights. These intertwining voices will shock and delight you with each of their takes on this place that we call home. Tett Centre from Sept 16th - Oct 3rd

THE SYLVIA EFFECT is written and directed by Peter Hinton. Using Sylvia Plath and her poems as inspiration, this play speaks to the emotional confessions of four characters simply named: The Daughter, The Poet, The Mother, and The Son.
"Sylvia Plath became famous, partly because of the manner of her death. But as often the case with artistic success it was also a case of timing. Writing against time. This relationship to time, makes her an ideal subject for the theatre. The challenge for me is to get past the tragic story to whatever core of experience or truth might wait on the other side.  Baby Grand Oct 27 - Nov 14 2021

THESE DEEDS - A thriller written and directed by Craig Walker, Starring Thom Marriot as Bram Stoker, Jacob James as Buffalo Bill Cody, and Richard Sheridan Willis as Henry Irving presented as a stage reading at the Tett Centre Rehearsal Hall. November 20th.

JOHN D. HUSTON PRESENTS CHARLES DICKENS A CHRISTMAS CAROL. December 19th, Dec 20th 4:30pm & 8pm at THE TETT CENTRE For the past 30 Decembers, veteran solo performer, John D. Huston has packed his trunk, grown his beard and trundled off to towns and cities recreating the tours and performances of Victorian author, Charles Dickens to full houses and standing ovations.This is his 4th year with Theatre Kingston.

MERCY In an out-of-the-way dive bar, Jordan meets with Katherine to hire her to seduce Jordan's Husband. What unfolds is an explosive play about power and class, sex and betrayal, compromise and redemption. Exciting twists, multiple deceptions, this is a power game of cat-and-mouse. But who's the cat and who's the mouse? Mercy proves once again that our vulnerabilities not only define us, but occasionally save us. Baby Grand Feb 10 - Feb 27 2022

Get tickets to all 5 of these shows, and if we add more Tett Specials you will receive a ticket to those shows too, free of charge with your subscription.

If you are really enjoying yourself GO ALL IN AND GET NEXT YEARS FRINGE! We don't know what the 18 shows will be, we don't know where they will be in Kingston but we know we are having a Fringe! So Join Us now and help us celebrate our 30th year of Theatre (in) Kingston!

Disclaimer: The presentation of live shows and events at Kingston Grand Theatre is subject to all provincial and public health guidelines in place at the time of the scheduled performance.

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